Kickin' it with the Seniors


Seniors memories posted on “the wall” (Briana Garcia)

Seniors memories posted on "the wall" (Briana Garcia)
Seniors memories posted on “the wall” (Briana Garcia)
By: Briana Garcia Co-Editor in chief

The Xbox is roaring, the ping pong competition is intensifying, and “the wall” is becoming more and more crowded with captured memories important to the Class of 2015. This is the newly added Senior Section at Rangeview High School.

This innovative concept, similar to the ones found in many universities, was fabricated by Principal Ronald Fay.

“We have always called that area our designated senior section, but other than the senior photo in an ugly frame nothing made it special. Students come to school to have fun and learn,” comments Fay about the purpose of the senior section.

Seniors appreciate having a unique place to call their own. Because of the welcoming atmosphere, more seniors are choosing to stay on campus during lunch and off hours.

“There are a lot of people there all at once and it creates good energy to work around. It gives a lot of seniors something to look forward to during the school day,” senior Cilehe Tucker raves.

Underclassmen are also excited about the remodeled senior section. “It is good that seniors have a place to call their own finally because last year everyone was allowed in there [the senior section],” Sophomore Jasmine Sanchez expresses.

The Senior Section created excitement for the new school year for the entire student body.

Friendly competition at the ping pong table (Briana Garcia)
Friendly competition at the ping pong table (Briana Garcia)