(B)Izzy on and off the field


Amor-Leigh Wilson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Amor-Leigh Wilson- Senior Jordi Yomana brings the lacrosse ball into play after senior Israel Trejo passes it to him. Trejo has been on the Rangeview’s lacrosse team for a total of four years.

The boys lacrosse season has finally come to an end here at Rangeview High School. Filled with some wins and losses, the boys end their season with an overall record of 6-11. Their last game was played against Denver North on Friday, May 4th where the boys were able to pull a win with a score of 7-6.

The boys have to say goodbye to many seniors that are graduating this year, senior Israel Trejo being one of them. Described by junior lacrosse can Kaitlyn Mearing, “He is extremely talented with everything that he does. Izzy is a great lacrosse player, dancer, and friend. He is able to excel in anything he wants to do.”

Trejo is a four year lacrosse player at Rangeview and plans to further his lacrosse career at Johnson and Wales where he will be playing division 3 lacrosse. At Johnson and Wales, Trejo will be studying culinary nutrition with hopes of later pursuing a career as a dietitian.

Senior Jordi Yomana attempts to catch the ball before the opposing team. Yomana will also be playing lacrosse in college as a division 2 player. (Amor-Leigh Wilson)

Leaving behind his lacrosse family, Trejo explains, “My teammates have helped me and supported me in so many ways. We may get down sometimes but I do know they have my back and they have helped pull me through a lot.”

Reminiscing on this season, the best game personally for Trejo was the game against Kent Denver. The Rangeview High School boys lacrosse team lost with a score of 1-18 to Kent Denver. However, Trejo believes that although they lost this game, he was able to win something more important than that: face offs.

Trejo elaborates on his mini-success: “My position as a faceoff I thought I was going to be beat on every single face. But I actually dominated the X pretty well.” Trejo was able to win the majority of the face offs against Kent Denver and for him, this was they best he has ever played.

Trejo may be leaving the halls of Rangeview High School, but for many, he won’t be forgotten. Trejo’s Spanish 2 teacher Emilee Velander states, “He will have a lasting impact on everyone here and he will always be welcomed at Rangeview High School.”

Trejo has been apart of many departments in at Rangeview. Contributing to the Rangeview’s performing arts department he has had made an impact on those around him. Winning an award from teacher Ms. Tremmeer, Trejo has proven himself in many different ways.

Junior Laura Good explains, “He is great in lacrosse obviously. But he is also great in dance which is pretty surprising since you don’t expect a guy like him to enjoy dance.”

Trejo doesn’t have an immediate plans to further his dance career since he is going all in for lacrosse and finding a future in the dietary career.

One thing Trejo would like to tell students that have plans on going into lacrosse is, “I hope you guys have a good mind set. Stay strong and don’t argue with your team.Love each other as family, brother, and teammate.”

Trejo will be graduating with this years seniors as a student athlete at Johnson and Wales University. Trejo’s journey is over at Rangeview High School but his life has only just begun.