Serenity Monroe uplifts others


Glenda Chiang, Review Contributor

Feature Photo By: Glenda Chiang – Sophomore Serenity Monroe reads a book during lunch. 

Many say having someone being by your side who is willing to support you in every way possible is a great feeling.

Sophomore Serenity Monroe, commonly known as “Ren”, is someone who you would expect to see around the school doing her best to succeed for the benefit for her peers.

Whether that’s giving out daily hugs or showing her best self for those who have to see it, Monroe is said to show a positive output with her efforts.

Throughout her time at Rangeview, Monroe strives to do her best and knows her limits when it comes difficult things like having a mass amount of homework while keeping a part-time job at a golf course the same time.

Nonetheless, sometimes her limits do not stop her as she does numerous amount of activities that many people would consider stressful to juggle on a weekly basis.

“I do color guard and marching band. .I also enjoy swimming, playing golf, and hanging with my family and doing anything art related,” Monroe said.

Having an immense amount of activities to do, with a part-time job on top of that, others may think that Monroe would have little to no free time for herself.

Taking a break for herself, she makes sure to take time to wind down by indulging herself in her masses of interests in her alone time.    

Monroe poses for a picture while spending some time outside (Glenda Chiang).

Yet, her motivations to juggle all sorts of things with her time encourage others. Her determination for self-betterment rub off on other people and make them feel like they have a place in the world.

These habits are very social, but remember this: Monroe’s goal is to ensure that others feel like they have a place in the world, because as of lately, negativity is having an impact on youth. Depression rates are on the rise, while self-confidence is at an all-time low. Being a positive person to look up to, Monroe helps people’s moods while making them feel like they have a place in the world.

When students see Monroe around the school, they tend to notice that she is always with other people and is always smiling. If not, she is working hard and doing her best to try to get the highest grade she can to both better herself and others by showing that they can do the same.

Monroe says, “My passion is making people feel like they’re worth it. I enjoy seeing people happy and working together, so as long as my friends are happy, I’m happy.”

To someone who doesn’t know Monroe, most would think that she has everything together and her life is just how exactly she planned it to be. The opposite is actually the case. There are different perspectives to every story.            

“My perception of Ren has changed over the last year. I think she’s pretty funny, but she likes to keep her distance,” sophomore Lily Eberly says.

Monroe states that she is introverted when she describes herself, but anyone who is asked can agree that she is more openly social than most.

Many around Monroe are not aware of the goals she has set in stone for herself.

Monroe wants to pursue jobs in either psychology or in journalism, both of which tend to be jobs that require a hefty social skill level. 

“I want to succeed in a way that doesn’t only benefit myself but also benefits others. I want to succeed by supporting the community in the process and being involved,” Monroe said.

Others have been drawn into her as a person who is both reliable but overall positive in regards to her influence on others. Friends around her have overwhelmingly positive remarks when they speak about Monroe.

Sophomore Katheryn White states, “I look up to her [sic.] in not a way that is how, but like someone who manages to keep a calm facade.”

Monroe has dedicated her time to those around her and remains someone who is willing to do her best to ensure that people feel special.