Patience Clasen owns the spotlight


Lily Eberly, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Lily Eberly – Clasen listens to her music after her fourth period. Clasen enjoys songs from KPOP groups, such as BTS, and alternative artists like Fall Out Boy.

Sophomore Patience Clasen is the President of KPOP dance club, a star in APA, an alto in choir, and a vocalist and pianist for School of Rock.

On top of these activities, Clasen had time to perform in Rangeview’s talent show on September 11th, 2018, and audition for American Idol.

Clasen, who will be graduating as a junior next year at Rangeview, is a very active student in the performing arts department. Many people would describe her as extremely talented and creative.

“She can dance very good,” Junior Phong Thai, a friend of Clasen, said. “She’s a very good friend… she’s very funny.”

When Clasen came to Rangeview, she immediately took part in KPOP dance club, intro to theater, and FBLA. Since then, many say she has become better at what she does and has proven it in front of the entire school.

“She is fearless, she is bold, she has no problem just performing,” Ms. Anderson, the theater teacher, said.

Many would agree that Clasen would not be where she is today without her strong work ethic and personal struggles outside of school.

“I lived with my dad and stepmom. My stepmom was very abusive verbally, mentally, [and] physically,” Clasen said. “Coming out here, and being able to perform in front of thousands of people, and being able to show who I really am… it has made me a lot stronger.”

In Missouri, where Clasen grew up, there weren’t as many opportunities for her to have. She wasn’t allowed to do anything there — not even choir. Here at Rangeview, the performing arts department is funded greatly, giving Clasen a chance to show what she can do best.

“She’s multi-talented: she’s a singer, she’s a musician, she’s an actress,” said Anderson. “I was blown away by her homecoming performance.”

Performing for School of Rock and APA for the closing assembly of homecoming week, Clasen was energetic and hyped up the crowd. Many say she performs with her soul. Whatever she feels good doing, others will surely feel the same.

Because Clasen is a part of APA and KPOP dance club, it is vital for her to able to work with her classmates for performances.

Clasen’s friend, Junior Abril Pinedo, said, “She did a very good job performing with other people.”

Through all the struggles she faced in the past, Clasen has definitely shown how gifted she is to her friends and others at school.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me working hard,” said Clasen.

To see Clasen in action, her next performance is today, November 30th, in the play Our Lawyers Made Us Change the Name so We Wouldn’t Get Sued.