New year, new sport for Kaiti Shriver


Katiana Williams, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Katiana Williams – Junior Kaiti Shriver works on her English work during fourth period. Many say that Shriver is a very hard worker.  

Junior Kaiti Shriver: JV wrestler and military sister. Shriver is someone that many describe as a fun, loving, caring, and friendly. Shriver’s brother, Matthew Shriver, is now in the Army and is someone that many may know as he graduated last year from Rangeview.

“We have a really close relationship and he definitely motivates me every day,” Shriver said. “He is part of the reason that I joined wrestling.”

Matthew wrestled throughout his time at Rangeview and now Shriver has picked it up from him.

One of Shriver’s best friends, a junior, Andee Lee said, “She is a good wrestler because she has such a passion for the sport.”

Wrestling is a sport that involves strength, stamina, and mental toughness. A majority of wrestlers are male and a lot of the times many say it is hard to find females in the sport.

“Honestly I wish that more girls would join because it is definitely something that pushes me to work hard and it brings out my competitive side,” said Shriver.

Shriver prepares to wrestle her teammate at practice. Shriver is one of two wrestlers on the wrestling team. (Anne Mulsow)

At Rangeview there are only two female wrestlers.

“I really think that she inspires other girls to join wrestling,” said Andee Lee.

Many say that she is also a determined wrestler and that beyond being a good wrestler, she is a great teammate.

“She works so hard day in and day out to be the best that she can be,” said Shriver’s teammate and junior Jacob Maez.

Shriver has competed in four meets so far this year and has won one. She said that even though she has only won one of four she isn’t going to let that get her down.

“I am new to the sport,” said Shriver. “I won’t let that get me down at all because I know what I can do and I know that I can win.”

The last meet that she competed in was last night at Rangeview – where she won her first meet. All of her opponents have been female so far.

On top of wrestling and school, Shriver has a pretty stressful family life. In January her brother is going to be stationed in Iraq and this is something that she says is hard for her.

Shriver said, “It definitely scares me and it is going to be hard for me seeing that he is so far from home.”

With her brother being one of her biggest supports, she knows that even though he is far from home, he will still be there for her.

“With him leaving it makes me want to work harder so I can make him happy and proud,” said Shriver.

Their next meet is tomorrow, Saturday, December 15th at the Budweiser Event Center at 8:30 am.