Photo of the Day: Cultural dress


Feature Photo By: Irl Paulalengan – (From left to right) Seniors Talila Geshow, Hana Fentahun, Beimnet Mulugeta, Indi Sandika, Bolu Folarin, and Admin Mrs. Jaiyesimi pose for a picture with their cultural outfits to welcome in diversity week here at Rangeview. Today, January 14th, is the first day of the diversity week with the dress up theme of cultural dress and daytime event being the diversity assembly. “Yeah, I’m really excited for the assembly because I’m ready to see everyone holding the flags and seeing everyone dressed and all the dances people came up with and the guest speaker,” senior Beimnet Mulugeta stated. When asked about students dressing up today, she said “I didn’t see a whole lot today, but I saw a pretty good amount and I liked it, I think throughout the week, people will start dressing up more when they see others dress up.”