Christopher Speller shoots for the win


Jeffrey Afriyie, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Jeffrey Afriyie – Junior Christopher Speller attempts to make a three pointer against the opposing team. Speller has been on varsity since his freshman year.

Many see junior Christopher Speller– varsity basketball player– as an average kid, but his teammates see him as something much more. His teammates agree that he brings joy to the team and creates team chemistry; many people see him as an ideal teammate.

“He leads by example,” senior teammate Jodaun Dotson says. “He shows tremendous leadership on the court and gives 110%.”

Speller is what people call a “team player.” Most would agree that instead of playing for his stats and being better than his teammates, he makes sure that all of his teammates are playing well too. He puts them first when making his decisions on and off the court.

“I know the team needs me to be the best on and off the court,” Speller says. “If I don’t do my part in class, I am not doing my best to help out my team.”

Speller’s teammate, junior Isaiah Hayes, has been playing with Speller since 6th grade and has noticed the transition from middle school to high school and the big change.

Speller as well as his teammates huddle during the Great Eight game. The team will be playing in the Final Four this Friday, March 8th. (Peter Vo)

“Christopher is a good teammate and a good basketball player in general. He is very young and can do many things throughout his high school career and I can’t wait to see how this season goes for him and what he will produce for the team,” Hayes said.

To many, Speller is a teammate several people would wish for and he is one of the big factors on the Rangeview basketball team. Speller has many things to accomplish as he said himself.

Speller said he wants to go to a school that is good for him, but his dream school is the University of North Carolina. He has been to three different college visits this year. University of Northern Colorado, Air Force, and New Mexico University.

Many agree that Speller is a great basketball player. The basketball team is now 24-2 with hopes of making it to the state championship as they are currently in the Final Four. The boys basketball team is playing against Mountain Vista High School at the Denver Coliseum this Friday at 7 pm.