Four nights, five days, six universities: the city that never sleeps


Feature Photo By: Irl Paulalengan – A direction sign ‘Manhattan’ on the 61st subway stations. During the trip, most of our transportations going in and out the New York City are by subway and trains.

By: Irl Paulalengan and Toli Geshow, Review Staff

During Spring Break, Irl and I had the privilege to travel with College Track to New York with students: Alexander Semere, Aida Wates, Katie Finell, and Giselle De Haro.

In that week we visited many colleges such as Fordham University, Columbia University, New York University, Sarah Lawrence, Vassar College, The New School, and Julliard. Through our experience, we were all able to venture and see the universities that are offered outside of Colorado; in short, this trip was adventurous, insightful, and fun.

Enjoy the collage and video which showcases the city that never sleeps:

Day 1

“My expectation for this trip is that we’re gonna have a lot of fun. We’re gonna eat a lot of things. And that [students] will learn a lot about the college options that are available to [them] outside of Colorado.” – Tana Tymesen, College Completion Manager at College Track.

Click here for day 1 vlog: arriving at New York.

Day 2

“My number one tip is just to pick a random school and do it. It doesn’t have to be a school far away; it could be just a local community college or local state school — just go and be in tour setting. It doesn’t have to be the school that you’re interested in, just learn about what sort of questions people ask, learn about what you can look for…. Be interactive, because that’s the one way that you could really like behind any curtain.” – Spencer, Columbia University tour guide.

Click here for day 2 vlog: Fordham University and Columbia University

Day 3

“Allow yourself to go down various paths because you find yourself doing much more interesting things; things you never thought you would end up doing.” – Robert Barba, The Wall Street Journal Deputy Spot News Editor

Click here for day 3 vlog: Sarah Lawrence College, Vassar College, times square and M&Ms factory.

Day 4

“For me, the trip gave me an incredible opportunity to see the fun part of the city as well as college campuses I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. I grew so attached to New York in such a short amount of time.” – Rangeview Junior Katie Finell

Click here for day 4 vlog: New York University, The New School, and Color Factory.

Day 5

“They are more than willing to help you achieve your goals and your dreams as long as you’re willing to help yourself; the world is filled with people just wanting to help you.” – Robert Barba, The Wall Street Journal Deputy Spot News Editor

Click here for Day 5 vlog: central park and fly back to Colorado.