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Feature Photo By: Yucheng Zhang – Yucheng Zhang poses in China for a picture. 

By: Yucheng Zhang, Review Staff

Editor’s Note: Senior Salutes are an outlet for graduating seniors on The Raider Review staff to share their concluding thoughts about anything involving their last four years of high school/their time leading up to this point. Congratulations graduating class of 2019.

During my freshman year of high school, I tried out and played on the freshman football team. I was noticeably smaller and skinnier than everyone else on the team but regardless, I went in with an enthusiastic mindset and a hope that I’d grow another half-foot. I was 5’5 then. Now I’m 5’6. My point is, I was a tiny kid filled with a team of giant kids set out to kill each other on the field.  

I straight up did not have a good time.

I remember one time during practice I felt really light headed. My friends, being the wonderful people that they are, decided to create a game – let’s see who can make Yucheng pass out. Good news: I didn’t pass out. Bad news: I couldn’t stand upright for about two weeks after that day at practice.

Again, I straight up did not have a good time.

Yucheng poses next to good friend Kahlil Brown during Freshman Football.

Or this other time, we were doing the Oklahoma drill. For those of you not familiar, all you need to know is it involves a lot of one on one contact with another player. The only problem was I was up against Carson, the biggest guy on the team. What ensued looked like King Kong holding Ann a hundred feet in the air.

I reiterate, I straight up did not have a good time.

My point is, throughout your high school career people will tell you that you should try everything at least once. I say… maybe not.

If you have epilepsy, you probably shouldn’t go to a rave.

If you have a fear of heights, you probably shouldn’t go sky-diving.

If you’re on a school-sponsored trip, you probably shouldn’t get caught taking edibles. (Not pointing fingers)

If you’re not black, you probably shouldn’t use the n-word. (Shout out Dominique)

If you are lactose intolerant… please please do not drink that milkshake and sit in front of me in class.

If you’re a small, five foot five skinny Asian kid, you probably shouldn’t play on the football team.

I’m not trying to rain on your parade, if you have a dream by all means – go chase it. All I’m saying is – life is about experiences… just sometimes the experience of not experiencing is just as valuable.

Peace out homies.