Lacrosse wrap up


Oscar Perez Luna, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Oscar Perez Luna – Senior Ben Capazzolo beats the defense and gets open to take his shot on goal.

Lacrosse has come to an end and the team says they are really satisfied with the results.

The team played their final game on Friday, May 3rd where they went up against Englewood HS. After a tough start where both teams were back and forth, the 2nd half just turned into a collapse for the opposing team as they fell short and gave Rangeview a 16-9 win to finish off the season.

Overall, the record for the team ended as 9-6 (the best in program history).

They ranked 2nd best in the 4A Metro league and with these results you can say that the team did, in fact ,improve from last year’s results where the team ended with a 6-9 record overall.

Coach Dinkel talks to his team about strategies to end up with the win. The team came back from down under to defeat the opposing team. (Photo provided by Oscar Perez Luna)

Defensive player & junior Avery Smith says, “This season was special. I believe we tried our hardest to win every game and we accomplished so much together.” For his ‘offseason’ he says, “Definitely going to keep practicing and preparing for an even better season.”

When it comes to how the team played overall, it is quite impressive to see that the team managed to have shots on goal that averaged higher than the national average. Along with that, they also managed to have a higher save percentage which is as well higher than the national average. The team averaged 8 goals per game which means they altered their playstyle to be more aggressive on offense.

Senior Ramiro Ybarra set his stats above everyone’s standards — scoring an impressive 36 goals overall finishing the season as the leading scorer for the team. Freshman Ian Kerstan played his role in fielding where he completed a total of 49 ground balls which was the most overall.

Head coach Dinkel says, “I’m proud of the team. Towards the end of the season, we played 6 games in two weeks. Mentally we were ready.” With coach Dinkel’s head position, he prepared for the worst. He mentioned, “We had a lot of key players injured, but with the strategy we had, all players were confident enough to play hard and we ended up winning all 6.”

So what’s expected to come in the future? Next season will possibly have 23 returning players to maybe even give even a better result for the lacrosse program. Next season definitely looks brighter with a good shot at more than just a neutral record.

Rangeview junior Isaac Jaramillo says, “I was looking forward to seeing the results for the team this season and I can say that I enjoyed how hard everyone played every game. I’m definitely looking forward to see how better the team will improve next year.”

Till next year’s season, it’s time for the team to enjoy their summer and hope life doesn’t hit as hard a lacrosse stick…