Politics at Rangeview


Thomas Russell, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Thomas Russell- A picture of students discussing the “threat” Rangeview and Gateway had today and school safety.

Rangeview is a mix of different political views: Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, people who don’t care at all, and a lot of people who care way too much. At Rangeview, we are majority liberal or democrat and those views are always being shared and spread with all the students which is great and I love that people share what they think, but then why does it seem like if you don’t agree with each other they hold it against you.

If you like Trump and what he is doing and you share that here at school, you get yelled at or have rude comments made about you by people who dislike/hate him. A lot of the time, you can be disliked for your political beliefs and what you think is right. I know this happens to everyone with differing opinions and I’m not whining and saying we should stop sharing our views or stop free speech.

On the contrary, I believe that we should share what we think more and have the sharing of opinions in a civil way more commonplace. Such as how junior, Nick Gunnoe, “Both are trying to push their side and most of the time both sides are equally rude, but since there are more liberal thinking individuals at this school, it tends to be one-sided”

Students in civics learning about political parties and their different beliefs. (Thomas Russell)

There are few conservatives at Rangeview but that’s not a bad thing until one side starts to shut down the other. This happens a lot when two groups of people have differing opinions. As a community, if we were more open-minded we could get more done on any level of life and politics. Like how Junior Dalziel Hartness said, “I have seen both sides get hostile, but we can get better if we work together.”

Also, we should encourage the spreading of our differing views that we have. There are students at Rangeview that have not seen students talk to each other about what they believe such as junior, Anthony Thomas who said, “No I have not seen any of these conversations.” So at Rangeview, if we are more open-minded about others’ ideas and if we talk more about our ideas we could fix a lot of the problems that we have. We could solve this problem at Rangeview if we had a club where students could discuss these issues. Such as gun control, who the president should be and taxes. Just a safe place for students to speak their minds.