Eating Their Way Through the Competition


Senior Baily Morgan finishes his second hot dog as junior Trevor Murray focuses on swallowing half of his second. “It wasn’t that hard because I’ve done a hot dog eating contest before,” said Morgan.

Alexis Drummond, AME editor

Today’s homecoming lunchtime game was the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest. One student from each grade — for both A and B lunch — was chosen to eat three hot dogs as fast as they could. Baily Morgan supported the seniors and ate all three hot dogs first, unfortunately, he was unable to finish the last one completely. This gave junior Trevor Murray the advantage and the win. In the end, during A lunch, the juniors won first place, the seniors took second, sophomores took third, and freshmen took last. “I enjoyed watching it and I’m glad I wasn’t in their shoes,” said sophomore Jayla Collins.