Raider Way Day is a Success


The variety of students from the Master Acting Class — MAC — pose for a group photo in their Rangeview inspired wear.

Lily Eberly, AME Editor

Friday’s dress up day is where students wear Rangeview attire or colors to show their spirit for the school. Many students of all grades have participated in the day, even if it’s in the smallest ways. For example: some students are wearing face paint, others wear red and black, some have Rangeview gear, and others are wearing a mix of everything. As today is the last day of the Homecoming Spirit Week, the students have hit it off.

Junior Melody Baker shows off her Rangeview spirit with face paint and colored nails.
Math teacher Doug Gerace and Senior Aaron Brown pose for a photo. They both are wearing Rangeview attire for the last day of this week.