Weekly Recap: Looking back on the week of November 4th


This is a poster that was hung up on the bulletin board in the commons to let Rangeview know when the festival was. It was one of many that listed the time, prices, and what would be happening at this year’s Fall Festival.

Caroline Smith

Whether it’s inside or outside the Rangeview community, there are always important events going on. It’s time to look at a recap of what happened nationally and within the community throughout the week of November 4th.

On Monday, November 4th, nine family members were killed on the Mexican side of the border with the United States. It has now been confirmed that a drug cartel did kill these people. The family had substantial views on religion and were strongly affiliated in their community. This family was targeted and this shows an increase in violence, as it is not new for cartels to be threatening, targeting and killing people with immense brutality. 

On Tuesday, there was a local, off-year election that chose positions such as members of the school board, mayors, and city council people. There were two ballot measures this year for people to vote on.

A ballot measure is a proposed law that voters can decide to approve or reject. One of the ballot measures was called Proposition DD, which ended up being approved. 

This proposition allows the following:


  • Sports betting
  • Taxes on casinos 
  • Use of sports betting taxes to pay for regulation of it and gambling addiction services
  • Use remaining taxes and fees for water projects and water-related obligations


The other ballot measure was Proposition CC and it did not get approved. This would’ve allowed states to take a certain amount of taxes and put the money towards educational and transportation usage. Instead of the money being returned to the people, it would’ve been put towards public schools, higher education, and transportation projects. 

To recap  what happened at school – the fall festival was on Thursday. It’s a community event that is run by Student Leadership. The event is still trying to be grown and have it become even more popular. There were escape rooms with student actors. Each class made one and had students help to create a terrifying, haunted place for others to walk through, but not all were scary-themed. 

The festival was supposed to be held last week on Wednesday the 30th, but it got postponed due to the snow day. Usually it’s around Halloween time, so there was supposed to be a street to trick or treat that got taken out due to it being moved.  

Overall, this week had a lot going on in the Rangeview community, as well as nationally. There will always be important things going on around us that are important and can affect us. This concludes news recap of the week of November 4th.