School of Rock


One of the final groups had the best sound with a talented drummer and two guitarists, giving the audience a different energy and many enjoyed it.

Valeria Acosta, AME Reporter

From choir to band, orchestra, and theater, Rangeview has many musically talented groups. One of these groups is Mr. Gregory’s — a piano and guitar teacher — seventh period class: school of rock. 

This group is for students who already have skills in playing instruments or singing; some of them from previous piano or guitar classes who want to use their skills and gain performing experience. There are also new students who played other instruments or sang prior to his class. 

On November 21st at 7:00 p.m, school of rock had a free concert at Rangeview High School. 

The auditorium had a decent turnout of people, with parents of the students who  performed and a handful of RHS students. The performance included solos, duets, trios, and groups who performed different genres of songs from upbeat to more emotional ones. Sophomore Mateo Candaleria said, “I thought it was really varied in style and the talented performers kept me really intrigued.” 

Senior Jessie Robertson, bass player and singer said, “It was super fun performing even though I messed up, I still had fun and that’s what matters.”