Possible Changes to Rangeview’s P.E. Program


Students join together to start their weight lifting class. Weight classes are one of the many options that are open for any student to take. (Torin Beall)

Caroline Smith, News Editor

There might be some new changes coming to Rangeview’s P.E. program regarding the offerings of classes on the table for students for next year.

Changes haven’t exactly been implemented, but it is being said that the school will introduce a wider variety of classes that interest students more. It is said that most students do not like taking gym classes because they don’t like to be gross and sweaty before going onto their next class and moving on with their day. 

No one wants to put in the effort and the benefits of participating in these classes often aren’t thought of. For one, it relieves a tremendous amount of stress that kids might have. It’s so hard to fail a gym class- you show up and participate- that way you can get an A. It can be an easier class that students rely on to just have fun and not be worried about it. So many Rangeview students take Honors, CCA, and AP classes, so when is it time to just let loose and have fun? Gym classes would be the answer to that. There’s no studying and having to overthink any assignment or test, you have the choice to have fun.

More participation is wanted by the members of the P.E. department, and if more classes are created, students would get a greater choice in the type of P.E. class they want. This would create a higher level of participation and increase the amount of students choosing to get involved with gym classes here at Rangeview. 

Gym classes are not within the requirements to graduate, so not that many people are in those classes, but if it was a requirement, the participation would automatically be way up.

One of the P.E. coaches, Everett Bible, said, “We are seeing a decline in interest to PE classes so we want to reach out to students to see what classes they would be interested in.” 

Many gym classes start with a couple laps around the track to warm up. Last year, Rangeview got a new turf, so many classes have been able to use and enjoy it. (Caroline Smith)

The P.E. department wants to send out a survey asking students what they want and what they like in hopes of increasing those participation rates. Through this, students get to have a say and with their opinions, changes can be made to fit what the students want. 

Junior, Angela Turner, said she’d want a volleyball class added to the program and said, “I don’t think any classes should be taken away, especially because it’s a choice of what gym classes you want to take.The program is well organized and there is a wide variety of classes to take.”

Hannah Carter, Senior, said, “I’d want a water aerobics class and get rid of the general P.E. class.” 

Junior, Alex Humphrey, said, “I’d specifically want a baseball class added. Other sports such as track, basketball, and football have classes just for their sport… The gym program is decent, but they are very inconsistent. We’re supposed to have fitness days once a week and the teachers skip them sometimes. Those days are important for our physical health though.”

These are just a few opinions out of the whole entire school.


This is your chance to use your voice and communicate what you want and what you like, so speak up and help make changes in things you want different. Nothing bad will come from it and nothing good will come from waiting and hoping for something different; therefore, USE YOUR VOICE. What if the gym program were to completely vanish from Rangeview? What would happen then? More awareness is wanted so modifications can be shaped, and with that, there could be a wider variety of classes. With your opinions, changes will be made to the program, which will increase the participation overall. 

This was a department decision to increase the number of students who participate in P.E. along with increasing the positive outlook we obtain. My biggest goal is to just get awareness out to students in hope to increase our numbers in the department,” said Bible.

If enough data is collected, and based on the answers of students, changes could be made to the classes and they could be applied to next year’s curriculum.