Opinion: Latinos families want to live in America too


Feature Photo by: Ulises Perez – At Rangeview High School, there’s a diversity of latinos within the students. Everyone of them has a story behind being a latino and having a hispanic background, while living in America.

Ulises Perez, Opinion Reporter

America is filled with a diverse of Latinos in different regions of the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, about 60 million Latinos live in the U.S. since 2017. Behind that number is a million reasons as to why Latinos migrated into the U.S; whether it’s for better education, a job to get more money, or to get a better life living in the country. 

Coming from a family where both parents came from a Hispanic country, I understand the struggle that my parents went through. When moving here, my parents didn’t have much money, my dad immediately got a job to start getting cash to provide for the family. Since I was third child, my parents already had a couple years in the U.S. with my two older sisters, meaning that money was tough with two other kids. Luckily, my parents had good jobs to keep them settled. Money is one of the main reasons for Latinos to migrate into the U.S. 


By comparing the economy in America to Hispanic countries, the amount of money earned from a job is much better and there’s a greater chance of being able to afford housing or pay bills. In the Pew Research Center, it states that the average household income for all Hispanics is about $49,010. 

Money in general is tough to earn, especially because it’s a struggle to find work. Since Latinos have little money when arriving, having to pay bills and rent is rough. As soon as they get enough cash, it’s when they start to live the life they expected: a nice house, a great job, and an education for either themselves or their children.

Life Style

My mom and dad came from Mexico and they left everything over there — including their family and friends. After many years, my parents were able to return back home to see their family again. When moving to a different country, adapting to the new area can be difficult. Most Latinos move to give their children a better life or just to give themselves a new scenery. 

Sophomore Jenifer Sanchez, stated, “My mom was pregnant with me and [my parents] wanted a better life for me and my siblings.” 

Usually when a mom is pregnant, her and her husband will move into the U.S. to start their new life and give their child a chance at a better life style. 

Sanchez said, “[My parents] barely had any money. They were working 2-3 jobs and they only had one car, so they would often walk to work or wake up really early to take the bus.” 

Every hispanics’ dream is to be able to live in a place they feel successful in. By working hard, they’re able to accomplish their goal (Salud America!).


For the most part, getting a job is one of the goals for a Latino when living in the US. A job is what’s going to help them to provide for themselves or their family. 

“My parents wanted to have better job opportunities and to have a better future for themselves,” stated sophomore Natalie Luevano. “It was very difficult at first, due to no job, so money was tight. They also lived in an apartment with 20 other people.”

Having no job at first meant struggling with cash; but, once they get a job somewhere, they’ll be able to have enough money to start their new life and for better opportunities. 

At Rangeview, many Latinos have their own story/goals in life and can relate to the struggles that their parents, or even themselves, went through. For everyone, their goal is to be successful with their dream living-style. That’s what Hispanic families want for their future, to be seen as “The Best of Themselves.”