Swimmers can Finally Breathe After Tough Competitions


Alexis Drummond, AME Editor

A season of strong races is officially over after three long weeks of tough competitions. On January 31st into February 1st, they swam at Hinkley against Hinkley, Aurora Central, and Gateway in the 30th annual Aurora Public Schools Team Championships. They one first place for the 17th time in a row with a total of 529 points — winning by over 200 points.

On Saturday, February 8th, the girls fought to hold on to their two-time 5A League Championship title at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center (VMAC).  With there being no preliminaries, they gave it their all and won first out of seven with a score of 563 — just 15 points more than Brighton.

On Thursday, February 13th, six girls — Avery Hill, Jasmine Johnson, Haley Zant, Irene Kim, Julie Maldonaldo, and Tristyn DiPentino— went to the 5A State Preliminaries. Although they didn’t move onto Championships, they swam their hearts out to finish off the season strong.