Opinion: Teach us about adulthood


Feature Photo by: Ulises Perez – Math is one of the required classes for graduation. As it is a class that has some usefulness in adulthood, there are many more topics that can teach us more about adulthood and how to live as an adult.

Ulises Perez, Opinion Reporter

Rangeview has the usual academic classes: math, English, science, and social science. There’s also the electives: art, gym, and world language. But what about classes that will actually help you after high school?  

After graduating, we become adults and start to adapt to the real world, we come across certain situations, like bills and taxes, and we don’t know much about them or how to pay them. Classes involving these topics not only increase the knowledge behind them, but also brings social awareness.

According to Daily Titan, “If students could learn to file their own taxes in the classroom, they could be better prepared in their financial futures.” 

Having classes that involve tax returns, paying bills, or knowing how to manage money will make adults’ lives so much easier. It will take away a lot of stress from graduating students so they know that they can handle it. 

For some seniors, they may plan to go to college, which means maybe moving out. Starting your adult life by yourself, or with someone else, comes with many responsibilities: paying bills, rent, food, utilities, etc. But since no classes related to these topics are given, the struggle only gets worse. 

Sophomore Daniel Higgins stated, “there should be more classes that focus on helping students prepare for their future. Fundamentals are important, but I want to know how to properly do taxes, manage my finances, and how to take care of kids.” 

Alongside mathematics, many academic classes aren’t as necessary in the real world, unless it’s for our future career. These classes that teach us about adulthood wouldn’t be new to us when we come face to face with them. 

Higgins continued, “It would be a lot easier to maintain everything because it wouldn’t be so new. Along with education and work, it would be easier to manage time.”

Within each department, there’s many classes for students to take during high school, but classes that can help students learn about adulthood aren’t available (Rangeview’s Website).

Since most adults are on their own, working or going to college, they depend on themselves with how they live. Being independent plays a huge role in adulthood when it comes to adult situations.

Sophomore Nicole Parada said, “We will definitely be more prepared. We won’t be freaking out when all these bills come. Adults will know how to act like adults and it’ll create a bigger sense of independence.”

As far as adulthood goes, money becomes an important part of our lives. But, it also causes some problems within any type of payment. In order to pay rent or bills and for our education, we need a job to earn money. 

Senior America Mora stated, “One class that should be available in high school is money management because we need to understand how to handle the basics: budgeting, taxes, and bill payments before heading to college.” 

These simple classes can change our choices in adulthood and how we handle things. According to Dave Ramsey, “Students who learn personal finance principles early have the most time to apply what they know, getting the most out of their knowledge. Even better, many personal finance students apply what they learn right away—while they’re still in high school.” 

If we can take these types of classes during high school, not only will it increase our knowledge, but we would know for sure how to deal with them. These classes should be added into our curriculum and will have a positive effect on students.