Ms. RHS 2020: Alli Powell


Toli Geshow, News Editor

Rangeview High School is a place where students are encouraged to get involved; play a sport, join a club, participate in homecoming events, etc. 

Throughout high school, Alli Powell has been in student leadership for all four years. Within these four years, she was freshman class president, sophomore class secretary, student body treasurer, and student body president. 

Powell was also in Yearbook for 3 years and held the position of the business manager all three years. She also played volleyball for 4 years being on varsity for two of those years, ran on the varsity track team for four years and captain for two of those years, participated in Rangeview’s link crew year her junior year, and was in NHS for 2 and a half years. Alli has filled her plate with Rangeview activities since her freshman year of high school, and she embodies the idea of getting involved around the school. 

Powell is a determined, hard-working individual who inspires people around Rangeview to get involved, go to events, and enjoy their short 4 years in high school. Although she is an inspiration to others, Alli has her role models as well. 

One of Alli’s biggest inspirations is her father. “Ever since I was a little kid I could see how hard-working and driven he was and we both are very similar in many ways, for example, we are both super outgoing and kind. He really motivates me to work harder and do better all the time,” Powell said, “anytime I would apologize he would say ‘don’t be sorry just be better.”

Alli took that advice and ran with it, she tries to improve herself every day whether it’s at work, school, or home. Powell describes herself as motivated and driven to be the best version of herself, and she thanks her dad for that. 

“[Alli] is super supportive and has a huge heart… I feel like she embodies Rangeview’s kindness and drive to give back to our community,” says senior Avery Hill, Powell’s best friend. 

Alli is known for being a sweet person with a big heart that loves giving back to the people and her community, and that is what Rangeview is all about. 

Powell has always been known for her support and compassion for the community, she left Rangeview with a strong legacy of being kind and thoughtful towards everyone you meet. Throughout her past years in the Rangeview community, Alli has created good relations with an array of students, teachers, and staff members which has allowed her to represent Rangeview High School as best as she can.

As she moves onto the next chapter of her life, Powell hopes that Rangeview’s student body stays connected, “whether it’s through winning state, events, or just saying hi to each other.”