Salmata Soulemane: Peace Out Rangeview


Salmata poses for a photo that captures the best lighting at the signature photo spot for most Rangeview seniors. This is her last photo taken on Rangeview’s campus. (Salmata Soulemane)

Salmata Soulemane, Sports Editor

Who would have thought I’d be typing my goodbye to my peers, my teachers, and Raider Review staff from my computer, in my basement, playing Juice Wrld at maximum volume, under quarantine…my senior year?

But let’s not focus on that.

Let’s just get this out of the way. Like many of my assignments in high school, I procrastinated with this one. 

In my defense, this is probably the hardest “assignment” I’ve had to complete. You’d think that for a journalist, typing words and making everything sound good wouldn’t be hard… but it is.

Typing this makes everything real. It makes graduating real. It makes college real. It makes life real. The class of 2020 is on to bigger things, taking on the real world. This big, scary, but real world.

Coming into Rangeview I didn’t know what I expected — no one did. I didn’t expect to create the strong bonds I did, witness the craziness, or even grow to love a place so much.

Within my four years, I learned, obviously, but it wasn’t just about the civil war and calculus. 

High school tests you in more ways than you even know. It tests you mentally, physically, and emotionally. I, for one, dealt with many problems and had quite a few sad days. Regardless, I didn’t let them discourage me. I had mentors and friends come and go, but they always left me with something valuable, a reason to keep going.

A young Sally, bright-eyed and happy gallops around a park with a little basketball without a care in the world. Fun Fact: She played basketball for Rangeview as a freshman and sophomore. (Salmata Soulemane)

I saw my former peers go off to do great things and still today, that is what I want to embody.  It’s what inspired and still inspires me. 

What I’m saying is: go find what or who inspires you. Look at what they have done and see what you can do. There are no little or greater accomplishments. If you can or have found something that captures your greatness and makes you happy, keep going, and keep doing because someone sees you. I see you! Keep being great.

You’re not taught how to be a high schooler, you just learn as you go. They don’t tell you how hard it gets, or that you lose friends and family, and that sometimes you’ll hate it. However, what you do learn is to persevere, to stand up, and to be 100% you. You finally get a grasp of what you want to be in this world and how you are going to do it.



“All the highs in life help balance the lows, as long as you grow, that’s what matters the most.”

~Eternal Sunshine

I had my lows, but when I look back, I had way more great days that definitely outweighed the bad. 

I mean your girl won homecoming queen, became an editor for the Raider Review, had her own segment on the Weekly Wrap–Sugar-n-Spice, became a varsity track athlete, and made so many connections that I couldn’t be more grateful for.

I guess high school wasn’t all that bad.

With all that being said…

This is Salmata Spice Soulemane, your favorite morning announcer and friend, signing off. I’ll catch ya later and remember, “It’s a great day to be a Raider!!!”


Thank you Rangeview for allowing me to blossom into a person I couldn’t be prouder to see when I look in the mirror. Follow ya girl on Instagram: @atamla.s, Twitter: @theonesallysour, and add me on Snap: @sallysour (Salmata Soulemane)