Katiana Williams: Build Yourself


(Provided By Katiana Williams)

Katiana Williams, Sports Editor

I’ve always thought about what I would say if I ever got to write one of these. I’ve been in this class for three years and for three years I saw every senior write one. Some were about what’s next for them or advice for next classes. I figured I’d make mine a little bit of both.

 I’ve been through a lot throughout high school; I’ve blamed myself for many things, I’ve made choices based on bad instincts, and I went through a lot of personal things. But rather than talk about what those things were I would rather talk about what I learned from them.

(Provided by Katiana Williams)

I went from playing competitive softball to joining a police explorer program. I went from wanting to be on TV to wanting to serve my community.

When I was little I was set on going to college for softball and being a sports announcer. But throughout high school I realized I was doing a lot of that because I thought it made other people in my life happy. Here I am now; going into the military.

I enlisted into the Army in November because I wanted to be apart of something that was bigger than myself and I also knew it would help me reach my ultimate goal of becoming a cop in the future.

Yeah while a lot of people hate cops I’m still not ashamed that I want to be one. I want to die knowing that I at least tried to help people, that I was someone that people could count on when they needed help. I want to try and make a difference  even if it inst seen or if its small.

The more things I went through, the more I realized I had to try and focus on myself. I met people that completely changed my life and I’m not sure how to thank them, I lost the people that I felt I needed to make happy. And I realized family doesn’t have to be blood, that everything happens for a reason. I learned your hardships are what make you or break you and that you have to try your best in order to have those things make you.