The Student Vote in the 2020 Election


Image shows a potential voter holding an election ballot. Voting via mail has always been an option, but now due to COVID-19, it will become one of the most used forms of voting by students.

Karen Hidalgo, News Reporter

Every vote counts, especially the youth vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Although voting this year will be different due to the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) has set up various guidelines for those voting in polling locations, in order for the public to stay safe and healthy. Currently, Colorado is one of the most prepared states for registration, giving options for voting through mail or voting in person. 


Civics teacher, Stephanie Walsh said, “COVID is hard for all ages, do you stand in line?  Closed Spaces?  Vote by mail for years in this country has had the PERCEPTION that it would cause more fraud, this has been proven to be false.  Right now we are in a time of huge political crossroads because Americans on both sides do not trust the government to do the right thing.  This is very dangerous for democracy, without the young vote in 2020, we might witness a real change in the concept of democracy.” 

Democracy is based on the people, and the people including the youth are possible in creating the change needed. I will most likely vote via mail. It is the most convenient and with everything going on in the world, probably a little more sanitary,” said Senior, Samantha Fuentes. 


The pandemic has highly affected the electoral system but has also brought more awareness to the issues that minorities face regarding health – such that requires action from the government. 

The votes of the youth are once again very important in every election. This year, especially, there have been issues that have felt personal towards many who identify as Generation Z, such as the uproar of police brutality protests that were brought to attention after what happened to George Floyd, inspiring younger voters to help make a change.  A vote has the potential to have an effect on the community and is used as an expression of voice with great significance.  Luckily some of Rangeview’s seniors will have the opportunity to participate in this year’s election.


An election judge counts ballot envelopes as polls for primary elections close in Denver. (The Denver Post) (DP)

Samantha said, “I think that it is important to vote because that is what our country is based on. Most people who don’t vote believe that what goes on doesn’t impact them, but voting can actually help educate people on our country’s policies and it can help them have a more active part in their communities.

Every four years a new candidate campaigns the most important issues according to their opinion. Many supporting votes are based on these issues no longer being a concern but instead becoming solutions. The economy, health care, and the coronavirus outbreak are at the top of the list for the election this year, and a vote could change the outcome of how they are handled (Pew Research).

“ I think it’s always important to vote because it is a way for people to be represented through the government,” said Senior Sebastian Lee, yet another student who’s planning to vote. “This year will be especially important considering what each candidate has to offer in regards to dealing with and recovering from the pandemic.”


The lack of civic education is a huge influence as to why younger voters do not participate, and most campaign advertisements do not illustrate the unspoken actions being taken behind the scenes. In addition, there are other bumps in the road to getting the youth’s vote in.

 “However, the biggest hurdle is registration and this age group moves a lot,” said  Walsh, “ Each time you move, you have to re-register.  Many are out of state at college etc. This is why it is imperative to pre-register in Colorado starting at 16, so voters are in the system. You can request a mail-in ballot and just return it on time.” 


Registration is as mentioned one of the biggest issues, but can be prevented throughout time. Although the youth vote is declining, because many believe democracy does not depend on it when it actually does, many seniors at Rangeview are proud to say they will vote in this year’s presidential election.