Opinion: Climate Change is Real


(Feature Photo – KKTV 11 News) Grizzly Creek Fire continues to spread as it affects parts of Colorado. Heat change has a huge impact on us, affecting the air with pollution and making it hard to breathe.

Ulises Perez, Opinion Editor

Extreme heat has risen on earth, ice in the Arctic is melting, and intense rainfall is increasing; three of the many causes of climate change. Either glaciers and ice are melting or heat is causing wildfires, the world’s nature is changing. Some people believe that climate change doesn’t exist. Others know it’s real and it’s affecting us all.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “Things that we depend upon and value — water, energy, transportation, wildlife, agriculture, ecosystems, and human health — are experiencing the effects of a changing climate.” The little things that help us live are changing and soon will be affecting how we live.

Many believe that climate change has no effect on humans and that it’s false. But what they don’t see is how the heat change in our world is having a drastic impact on wildlife and humans; causing animals to flee their habitat and humans to struggle with breathing from air pollution.

“It’s hotter [now] than ever before. If it were to continue, it would get to the point where the heat is unbearable,” stated RHS Junior Maria Longoria Sierra. As time goes by, heat slowly starts to take over, increasing temperature and soon, changing our ways of life completely. 

Not only is human life affected, but wildlife and animal habitats are being destroyed all around the world. From ice melting in the Arctic to wildfires in the Amazon, thousands of animal lives are being taken, by little things that we can help change.

(Photo – PHYS.org) Polar bear wonders as ice slowly melts around them. The Arctic is one of the places where ice is slowly melting away, taking away the habitat from polar bears, and causing water levels to rise in the sea.

According to a WWF article, it states, “The Arctic is warming about twice as fast as the global average, causing the ice that polar bears depend on to melt away.” Polar bears’ natural habitat is being taken away and with melting ice, it’s increasing the water levels in the sea.

“We can start using more eco friendly gas in everyday things, so it doesn’t affect our air and atmosphere,” stated RHS Junior Natalie Luevano, “that way, our air isn’t dry and doesn’t cause wildfires as easily.” Wildlife is as important as humans and by taking care of our environment, it helps prevent these disasters.

On the other hand, the Trump Administration has been trying to undo the rules of major climate and environmental policies. All while trying to help prevent global warming, Trump has managed to reverse most of these rules and policies, according to an analysis by the New York Times with research from many different sources. 

Regardless of Trump’s actions, there are many things we can do to prevent these occurrences; recycling, inventing renewable energy, reducing food waste, etc. By working together to help clean up the environment, we would be saving wildlife and having a safer environment for us to live in. 

Climate change is real, and it’s only getting worse.