Netflix’s Upcoming Live Action Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender


Official art released by Netflix for the new Avatar: The Last Airbender live action series. (Netflix)

Aubry Vigil, AME Reporter

15 years ago Avatar: The Last Airbender was released, becoming a fan favorite. Years later an adaptation of the show as a live action movie was created, leaving fans disappointed and hesitant as Netflix announced a live action series releasing in late 2021.

After the release of the live action Avatar movie in 2010 fans were left disappointed after the characters’ personalities were changed and their names were pronounced differently as well as a different story line.

A poster of the original ATLA characters. ATLA first premiered back in 2005. (NICKELODEON)

“I feel like if they do it correctly and follow and respect the original then it’ll be fine,” Junior Cornelius Garcia said. “Creative liberty would be alright as long as they don’t take away the characters or their personalities.” 

Those who were not disappointed with the original live action movie are now excited for the new release but are also concerned for what can happen to the future show.

Sophomore Larissa Lara said, “I’m honestly really excited but scared because they tend to rewrite things when they make a show live action and it can take away some of the potential the show before it had..the movie was good so I have high hopes.”

Recently announced by Netflix and the original creators due to a dispute, they will not be a part of creating the series. With the promise of creative liberty to the creators Netflix was not able to follow through with the plan leaving them to leave the production of the series.

Sophomore Roland Sellers said, “I think it’s a slap in the face to the creators, if I’m being honest, and it’s really telling in terms of the show’s quality.”

With some fans debating on whether or not a redemption movie is needed, others are wishing for the series. 

“I think that they might take the series in a modern direction,” Sophomore Luis Tinajero said. “I feel like there is so much more to the story that it would be better as a series.”

The original TV show had three seasons, with the amount of episodes ranging from 16 to 20 episodes in each. All together, there are 54 episodes.

“I think a series is better because then they’ll be able to add more detail into it,” sophomore Larissa Lara said. “This having a larger liking to the series rather than the movie.”

Originally announced in 2018 by Netflix, a live action series was to be created and released by late 2019. During the three years of the announcement pre-production, filming at test locations, and beginning costume design took part as well as Covid-19 in the delayed release.

Once the original show was released on Netflix and earned high ratings, Netflix renounced the idea and furthered the notice of where they stand on the filming of the series. 

Aang, the last airbender, is the main character of the ATLA series. (NICKELODEON)

“When it comes to release dates, I’m sure there’ll be delays if they want to create something really good that’ll satisfy fans. I’m sure it’ll take some experimenting which takes time.”  Garcia said“Honestly if it took three years and they came out with a master piece who cares; let’s hope the producers use their time wisely.”

Due to recent events the release date was pushed back to late 2021 where there is yet to be a cast and the place of filming.

“Obviously we have not reached that stage yet or else you would have heard about it from me, Netflix, etc,” Co-creator and executive producer Bryan Konietzko said. “We’re working on some awesome stuff, but we’re still in development/pre-production.”