Opinion: What Good Came Out of Quarantine


(The Manuel) During quarantine, people took time to reflect on their mental health and focus on the good that’s going on in their life. For the better, quarantine has had good outcomes on society.

Ulises Perez, Opinion Editor

Covid-19 has become a huge part of 2020 all around the world, and for a while, going into home lockdown; quarantine. For most people, it caused them to cancel plans for the summer, stay home for their own safety, and social distance out in public. In some cases, quarantine has some good outcomes that helped people — one being focusing on their mental health.

Throughout the six months, people took time to reflect on themselves and everyone around them; focusing on their mentality and growing to be a better version of themselves. 

“Being stuck in our houses has made many of us realize that we’ve spent years rushing through life, pressuring ourselves to get the “right” jobs and attend the “right” events, even if all that status-chasing was making us miserable,” stated Sigal Samuel in a Vox article. On the topic of taking time to ourselves, we were able to realize that we’re rushing everything that comes our way instead of taking out time to figure things out. 

(Perez) During online school, students get overwhelmed with schoolwork and procrastinate their assignments. It’s important to let yourself get some time alone and focus on your mentality.

With the time we had for ourselves, we’ve had some ups and downs down the road, but for the better. 

“I was able to see those who are really there for me and to separate myself from the negatives that were present in my life,” said RHS Senior Farren-Jade Aguon. 

Since we had time to worry about anything besides school for a while, we realized people’s true colors and how most of them aren’t really who we expected to be. As a matter of fact, it boosted our confidence to succeed on our own and to thrive with those who are by our side.

Aguon continued, “Since this is an uncertain time, when there is any sort of reassurance and positivity given to one another, it uplifts everyone.” Staying positive through these troubled times can be tough, but knowing that there’s people around you to support you, it really keeps us on our feet.

Many came out with their true colors about their sexualities and political views.

RHS Sophomore Aiden Gamel said, “I’ve seen a lot of people show their true colors towards different things, two of those being other sexualities and political views. That’s good [for me] because I like to know the truth about people.”

 Coming out as part of the LGBTQ+ community can be an emotional time, but knowing that you can be your true self can be a great mindset and have a huge positive impact in your life. 

(Wall Street Journal) TikTok has become a worldwide app that has helped many people come together as one, to help each other and have an understanding of what one is going through.

A person’s mental health is the most important, to take time for themselves and think about the good in their life. Recently, the worldwide trending app, TikTok, has brought millions of users to become supportive of each other, to have each others’ back and understand what one is going through. It has really helped many become aware of their mental health and that they are not going through it alone. 

“I have seen a positive change in people like there have been people who have opened up to me and I respect that,” said RHS Junior Keila Leon. It’s important to know that there’s people you can rely on, to be able to talk to them when you’re feeling down or need reassurance that you matter. 

In the last several months, our society has been through so much, from thousands of cases of Covid-19 to the protests for Black Lives Matter, but down the road, we’ve had some good happen during our lives. It’s important to know that our mentality is really meaningful and to always be there for those in your life. 

For information on seeking mental health resources:

Call 1-844-493-8255

Visit Colorado Crisis Services for support and information on any situation you’re going through.

You’re not alone.