Raider Accomplishments During the Pandemic


Students have had the opportunity to focus on sports, new hobbies, and even focus on their education.

Karen Hidalgo, News Reporter

In March, all of the Aurora Public Schools including Rangeview Highschool will have completed a year of quarantine. It was and still is the most unexpected event to happen not only to students but to teachers as well. This past year has also had many surprising events that were not anticipated for the United States but within all of it, people have managed to accomplish one thing or another. 

The pandemic has offered me the opportunity to become re-inspired by our nation’s Civil Rights Movement as well as the nation’s Labor Rights Movement. I’ve become inspired to utilize literature to prepare my students for a future that’s an improvement of our present,” said Mr. Wright, an English teacher at Rangeview.

According to the Insider, it has been very common for adults and high school students to be focused more on learning about themselves and taking on new skills during the pandemic. It has made the importance of mental and physical health a priority for many people including some Raiders. 

“During quarantine, I’ve done a lot of self-reflecting. I basically gave myself a big break, but since it lasted too long I wanted to accomplish my goals and come out a changed person. One thing I have accomplished and focused on more is my academic life,” said sophomore Edi Wolde.

Many enjoyed the extra time at home and took advantage of it, to get things in order instead of living the rush every day. 

I feel like I’ve had time to reflect about what’s important in life beyond the usual rat race,” said Mr. Wright, “By being forced to be less social and out and about, I’ve found more time to think about my gratitude for the genuine relationships in my life, to be grateful for opportunities to be social safely, and I’ve had time to be more reflective about self-care.” 

Shown above are some of Bedaso’s beautiful crochet clothing pieces. (Elshaday Bedaso)

Among reflection, quarantine has also allowed people to take on new hobbies. Skills such as cooking, knitting, and learning a new language are among some of the most commonly accomplished things that Raiders have been determined to get at during the past year. Of course, there aren’t a lot of things that can be done while having to stay at home and social distancing, but the limits are still endless. 

“I did a lot of outdoor activities and tried my best to learn more about myself and pick up new hobbies. I’m really good at crocheting now and I started to tutor for my brother’s company. I learned what my passion was and where I wanted to go for college. It took a lot of self-reflection but I think I’m fully confident in what I want to do,” said sophomore Elshaday Bedaso. 

Having to adapt to online learning during such a hectic period of time has also been a challenge many Raiders have faced. However, it has also allowed them to learn other useful technology skills and embark on unique virtual opportunities.   

Sophomore Luis Tinajero-Areola made the best out of his time online despite the challenges. 

“Although it has held me back in my communication skills, I was able to find new ways of communicating and I was able to start an internship with a professor at CU-Denver, and this opportunity has really allowed me to figure out my future,” said Tinajero-Areola. 

As mentioned, a year’s worth of quarantine has not only set some accomplishments back but has enhanced important skills towards not only students but teachers and many other adults as well. Throughout this new year, there is so much more to be learned from Raiders. Having gone through an unexpected global pandemic has been one of the greatest accomplishments of the Raider family as a whole.