Rangeview Prom 2021 Update


Students apart from the Class of 2020, stand in front of last year’s Prom display. (Jayah Caley)

Lolita Angelcheva, News Reporter

One of the most anticipated high school events is slowly upon us; Rangeview High School Prom! From flashy decorations to beautiful dresses, the dance of the year is something to be excited about. However, with COVID-19 still on the rise, many wonder if the event is going to take place. The APS District has been seemingly responsible and careful with the pandemic precautions, but there is still hesitation about a large gathering among the community. 

In the past year, Rangeview High School has suffered many losses in the hands of COVID-19, with every student and faculty member being affected in some way. We have lost sports, a permissible senior year, and just overall normalcy. However, Rangeview’s 2020 Prom has been one of the harder pills to swallow. Student Body President Jayah Caley was extremely involved in last year’s Prom.

“We were deep into the planning process for Prom last year and it was actually the day we got the call saying we aren’t going back for two weeks when we announced our theme. We did a reveal at lunch and everything; we were so excited,” says Caley.

Titled “The Roaring 20’s,” last year’s prom was setting up excitement for a new decade and Rangeview coming together one more time before graduation. Deposits were made, money was spent, and time was adjusted to make sure that this was going to be the event of the year. Then the pandemic hit and no one knew if the 2020 prom was happening, let alone 2021.

2020 Rangeview High School Prom Ticket.

11 months later and now we might actually have some answers. “I am still holding out hope for Prom this year.  We still have our location.  We have paid the deposits for Prom and After Prom and I have been in regular communication with both places,” Assistant Principal Tammy Strouse explains, “I watch the news coming from the CDC, CDPHE, and TCH along with the reports from Governor Polis daily and I am cautiously optimistic about our statewide numbers improving.” 

In the past two months, Coronavirus cases have been going down for the state of Colorado. The amount of deaths from the pandemic has also gone down little by little. Arapahoe County is still under a Safer-At-Home order and a mask mandate, with suggestions to quarantine and stay home, but the numbers are declining. 

Another question being wondered is if masks are going to be incorporated into Prom.

Strouse says, “ I imagine there will be masks unless there is some kind of miracle. Right now, some of our athletic teams are playing in masks. I can’t even guess when we will see a life that doesn’t incorporate masks in some capacity.”

Rangeview High School 2021 Prom is still on! There will be regulations and rules put in place for certain, but we are still going to have something! Although, Rangeview as a whole needs to make sure that they stay safe outside of school, making sure they are wearing masks and social distancing.