A (Thank You) Letter to the Pandemic


A sunset in October of 2020. Toward the end of the year, things seemed to go up and down. (Lily Eberly)

Anise Gonzalez, AME Reporter

Dear World Wide Pandemic, 

Before the glorious year of 2020, you were seen as something that only existed 102 years, one month and eight days ago.  

The only thing that existed in an unsanitary environment  

And never recurring. 

You were a joke. 



The patterns slowly started to start over. 

The endless array of depression.

The loss of hope to millions all over the world.

Maybe you wanted to send out the message.

Maybe you shouldn’t have been taken as a joke,

Maybe you wanted to teach us a lesson. 

Maybe you wanted to be known as something that brought smiles instead of tears. 

It’s hard to say thank you to such a tragic event, but with positivity and self awareness you can 

forgive anything So, 


Thank you world wide pandemic,

Thank you for the home cooked meals. 

Thank you for the forgotten quality time. 

Thank you for the new bonds you’ve brought us.

Thank you for the new found need of water and toilet paper. 

Thank you for the number of Netflix documentaries watched. 

Thank you for the crippling separation anxiety my dogs now have. 

Thank you for the creativity most of us didn’t even know we needed. 

Thank you for the endless Zoom meetings. 

Thank you for the brave health care workers. 

Thank you for the mind opening experiences. 

Thank you for the memories. 

Thank you for allowing clarity and reflection to those of us whose visions were blurred by society’s standards.  


There’s no question you’ve made it difficult for us to find happiness in this cloud of hate,

but you’ve taught us how to speak up for what we believe in. 

You’ve taught us to persevere 

You’ve taught us there’s always light at the end of a long dark tunnel. 

Now we’re not saying to keep up taking more than you give, 

but thank you for showing us we should never take anything for granted. 


Needless to say it took 

106 Million COVID cases 

2.32 Million deaths 

365 days of masks and social distancing 

14 days of isolation after close contact to covid 

And one world wide pandemic

You damaged the very earth we walk on 

But you taught us how to overcome any obstacle, 

Now there might be joy, or fear, most likely some tears, frustration, anger, love, lust, a whole lot of distrust

but if there’s anything you’ve taught us: it’s to be positive 

We are not alone

We have each other 

And together we say


Thank you.