Opinion: Don’t Listen


Everyone has their own opinion about anything in life. When it comes to someone having an opinion about you, it’s invalid and doesn’t matter on your part. (Medium)

Ulises Perez, Opinion Editor

People talk. People listen. Rumors are spread. But all that doesn’t matter because they’re just opinions. Why bother stressing and obsessing over an opinion that isn’t very important to care about, especially when it’s not yours?

Everyday we judge whatever we come across. We develop insecurities about ourselves that can be used against us when told to the wrong person. But those thoughts don’t matter because it’s someone else’s opinion about you. Whether it’s a physical trait or about our personality, people are going to judge and have an opinion about it. We can’t control what others think, however, we can control how it affects us.

According to Wanderlust Worker, an article with reasons on why other people’s opinions don’t matter, “No matter what the naysayers and the purveyors of negativity around you might say, your self-worth isn’t defined by an approval rating. There’s no objective rating scale that allows another person to judge you.” Regardless of looks or personality, people will base their opinion on how good looking you are or how you act on a daily basis. Again, these are just other people’s opinions. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid what other people think. If we’re insecure, it takes over our thoughts about who we are and how it affects us. Really, it’s unnecessary thinking that has a negative impact on our mindset. 

RHS Junior Daniel Higgins said, “I take some people’s opinions personally, but I don’t think I would change who I am solely based on the opinion of someone.” While some opinions can change your perspective, it shouldn’t influence how you see yourself. 

Higgins continued, “I have grown to have pretty tough skin over the years…in the end, the only opinion about me that matters is my own.” Throughout our childhood and teenage years, we hear everything said about us. It creates a shell around us that makes us insecure. But knowing that those opinions don’t matter makes us grow as a person in life. 

People around you judge all the time. They always find a reason to talk about someone, but those opinions are invalid and unnecessary. (SocialPro)

Negativity can change someone mentally and emotionally. But knowing that you’re worthy and have confidence in yourself, anything anyone says will fly over your head and be ignored. For some people, these opinions won’t be ignored, but will be seen as motivation to push them to succeed in life and not care what others think. 

“Everyone has their own opinions that I can’t control. I would just be myself and they can make up their mind about me however they want, but I wouldn’t let it bring me down if they don’t like me,” stated RHS Junior Chloe Wetzel. 

It can be challenging to not listen to what others say about you, but it’s for your own good. What matters about you is your own opinion on yourself. No one knows your story, or who you are as a person. These people always find someone to talk about, and that’s not important. 

In the end, everyone’s opinion is invalid when it comes to you.