Anvil Smack Down


Avery Salas , Sports Editor

A good high school experience is making sure you go to at least one football game, making it great is if you go to a winning game but what makes it awesome is when you beat your rival school 52-7.
For Rangeview, Gateway traditionally represents its biggest rival, with energy particularly high for the anvil football game.
For Coach Bible, Rangeview’s defensive coordinator, the game means a little more when we compete against them, “It’s an opportunity to go up against our rival school. To compete against other student Athletes who have been friends for most of their lives and grown up together. And to continue our winning Legacy.”

Pregame check in and see what they were hoping for, both said to make sure the energy is staying high and everyone is putting 100% effort into. “ I hope to see the boys come out giving their best effort, staying disciplined and having the best attitude no matter the outcome. FTB” Bible expressed.
One loyal fan Brian Truong was so happy to be back watching the Raider boys at his first ever anvil game that he stated, “It’s nice to bring back the rivalry between us and Gateway.” added, “I’ve heard that there’s a lot of tension between the teams and fans, I’ve heard there’s a lot of chants. I’ve also heard there have been fights after the game.”
Rangeview all but secured the anvil by halftime.“ Probably around the second quarter, cause the energy was high and we were making plays. Our offence was stopping every ball and we were killing it!” said senior Elijah Jamison.

For Bible, the win meant a little more, especially since it was against his former college coach. “ It was really special to give Earnest Collins his first APS football loss, it was rewarding to see our boys lift the anvil after a great accomplishment after a challenging year.”
With a challenging schedule ahead, Armani Patterson believes “Not making mistakes, being more disciplined, not getting in our heads. If they make a mistake we don’t do it either. As well as making sure they are putting all the pressure on the ball carrier, finishing every block strong and with power, and finishing every tackle on the receivers.”
The following week Rangeview took on budding rival Vista Peak and turnovers doomed the Raiders early.

“When we get better at one thing we lose focus on the other we create turnovers and loss sight of controlling the ball on offense. Altogether we need to put all three phases of the game together,” said Bible.
Rangeview fell 32-14 to the Bison largely due to five Raider turnovers leading directly to four VP scores.

On Thursday, Rangeview takes on Horizon at 6:30 at APS Stadium.