Rating All 50 U.S License Plates

Rating All 50 U.S License Plates

Jenelle Moreno Fernandez, AME Reporter

Imagine you’re on a road trip with your closest friends and you keep punching each other because of the different license plates, then you see one that is uglier than the others. Every state has a standard license plate; I wanted to take a deeper dive and rate them,


Alabama 6/10

Without the stigma around Alabama… The license plate itself is adorable, and the sunrise behind the cows is very representative of the state’s agriculture.




Alaska 5/10

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute but it’s very simple. The bear on the plate is called the Alaska Peninsula brown bear, which is found in Southern Alaska, so basically… the only way the Alaska license plate is original is by having the bear… wow. 



Arizona 7/10

It’s alright. Every state has the sunset/sunrise in the background, but I think I like this one more. Maybe it’s the color gradient. The silhouettes of the cactus and the mountains are a perfect touch.




Arkansas 3/10

It’s very boring… There’s really nothing to say about it. 





California 2/10

I was expecting better from the “Golden state,” this license plate is anything but golden. I mean they really couldn’t put a little more work into it? How sad.



Colorado 6/10

I was so disappointed in the last 2 that I am really glad this is ours. The green rocky mountains in the background are actually pretty nice.




Connecticut 2/10

Instead of “SAMPLE” it should say “SIMPLE”. Once again we have a plate that is so unbelievably boring that I can’t even comment on how it looks. OH WOW IT’S WHITE AND HAS BLUE WORDS! Crazy…



Delaware 4/10

I think this one is the first where it doesn’t have a white background and no graphic design. The yellow and blue go well together so I can’t hate on it so much.



Florida 5/10

The green and orange are cute together but there is something we need to discuss about this one and the next state… 




Georgia 4/10

Georgia and Florida literally did the same thing. It’s like one of them asked to copy their homework and the other said ”change it up a little,” -so they came up with this… Georgia’s is a little more plain but I still “can’t” get over the fact that they look so similar.



Hawaii 10/10

I really don’t care what anyone else thinks, this is adorable. It’s perfect in all ways. It has a cute background but it’s not too overbearing.




Idaho 4/10

You know how I said that in order to have a good plate it can’t be too overbearing… Yeah these two states didn’t get the memo. It’s just a lot really.




Illinois 3/10

Once again, it’s too much. I don’t want to be driving in Illinois and see ex-president Lincoln’s face. It’s kinda, really creepy. 




Indiana 4/10

To be honest I don’t know what that is in the background, is it the cabin in the woods? Anyways It’s alright I guess. The only thing I really know is that it’s recyclable, so that’s nice… 




Iowa 0/10

I really hate this. It’s an eyesore. Maybe it’s the colors or just the whole thing in general but it’s just so ugly. Do better Iowa.




Kansas 9/10

I actually really do like this one. The pretty background color and silver state seal is a good combination.




Kentucky 5/10

It’s okay… I just wouldn’t do the ombre with such a pigmented blue. Other than that it’s okay.



Louisiana 6/10

I just don’t understand why there is a pelican on the 

plate? Other than that, I really like the colors chosen for this.




Maine 9/10 

It’s actually really cute. The illustration of the bird was a nice touch. I like this one a lot.




Maryland 3/10

…What is at the bottom? It’s kinda ugly…





Massachusetts 0/10

Is every state going for the red, white, and blue look? It’s

literally the same. WHERE IS THE CREATIVITY?




Michigan 5/10

It’s really plain, but the color choice is nice.





Minnesota 6/10

This one is better because it has more stuff than Michigan. 





Mississippi 2/10

It’s just really ugly, sorry Mississippi. Just like your name, your plate makes no sense.




Missouri 1/10


How many times has a state’s license plate been just red, white and blue? Anyways… Since they added a little more, they get a better score.



Montana 7/10

It’s not the first time I saw a state’s shape on the license plate but this one takes the cake because it’s like the whole plate is in the shape of the plate.




Nebraska 3/10

I guess it’s not just red, white and blue now, states are also doing blue and yellow. Nebraska’s is alright, I guess.




Nevada 7/10

Okay Nevada, I see you. I do like this one, it’s really colorful but doesn’t hurt your eyes.




New Hampshire 3/10 

I feel like I’ve seen this one before… OR maybe it’s that they all look like this, I mean they couldn’t do better? This is the best they got?




New Jersey 5/10

The yellow is really cute, not gonna lie. It’s really ordinary. 





New Mexico 10/10

New Mexico’s license or I should say licenses are always really pretty; this one’s color combo is so pleasing for no reason.




New York 7/10

I actually don’t hate this one, the illustration at the top is really nice.





North Carolina 0/10

I CALLED IT! They all are red, white, and blue. I said this and I’ll say it again… WHERE IS THE ORIGINALITY?!




North Dakota 5/10

It’s the sunrise and sunset trend again. The buffalo is cute but it’s really ordinary.




Ohio 0/10

Wow… Is that red, white, and blue??? OMG I’ve never seen that! That’s so crazy.




Oklahoma 5/10

It’s really not remarkable, it’s okay.





Oregon 3/10

It’s kinda boring.





Pennsylvania 1/10

Blue and yellow again, wow. It’s getting really old. 





Rhode Island 6/10

I like this one a lot, for the Ocean State this plate matches it’s nickname. The waves and the anchor are so adorable.




South Carolina 9/10 

Never did I ever think I would like South Carolina in any shape or form but I really do like their license plate. It’s really unique but simple.




South Dakota 2/10

Just like Illinois I don’t want to be driving and seeing dead historians, in this case the four founding fathers.




Tennessee 3/10

There is no ten I see from this plate.





Texas 1/10

It’s just black and white…. I don’t think I need to explain.





Utah 7/10

This reminds me of the Road Runner from the Looney Tunes, the colors are nice and it’s not overbearing.




Vermont 2/1

Have I seen this before? Oh wait, that’s because they all look alike, wow.




Virginia 1/10






Washington 1/10

Oh? What’s that? Is that… Oh my god… red, white, and blue? Is that you? It’s funny that this is the “Evergreen State” but there’s nothing green about this license plate.




West Virginia 2/10

Oop, another yellow and blue plate, I can’t tell the difference anymore.




Wisconsin 1/10

I think it’s too plain, so plain that there’s nothing to talk about.





Wyoming 8/10

Yee yee, I think this is cute! The background behind the cowboy seems oddly realist, it’s actually really nice to see after all of the other license plates. I appreciate this one being the last one. 




As you can see, some are obviously better than others… So next time you play the punching game try to rate the license plate, and have debates on what score it should get.