Rangeview Club Open House


Polynesian club gains the interest of many students by having seniors Shallie Cantero and Zanirah Strong hand out leis. (Photo by Valeria Acosta)

Valeria Acosta Vallecillo, AME Editor

On Wednesday, August 25th, Rangeview had its Club Open House, shortening class periods in order to let incoming sophomores and freshmen as well as other students explore available clubs and activities. 

Your participation in clubs can hone your communication skills, foster creative thinking, and teach you how to work effectively with other people.” (The Princeton Review)

While joining a club can improve certain skills, it can still be fun. There are many clubs where you can find friends and a community with similar interests such as K-Pop, Dungeons and Dragons, and Chess. There are also clubs that want to help our community such as Environmental club, Social Justice, and Interact who organize community service projects like the Rangeview vaccination clinic and more.

Math teacher and Interact club Sponsor Ms. Curtis Basham said, “I love my content [teaching math], but life is so much more. I mean, getting involved, seeing your peers outside of an academic environment is important for your development. I think that’s integral to living.”’

Here are a few pictures of the several clubs that Rangeview has to offer. There is also more information on the Rangeview Website of all the available clubs and how you can get involved.