Masks Are Back in Sports


The Rangeview boy’s basketball team poses with their masks on before the season.

Avery Salas, Sports Editor

RHS had a solid two weeks of not having to wear a mask and really worry about the Covid life, but as the numbers started to rise the Tri-County Health Department decided that it would be safer for everyone to mask up. The new protocol varies among each sport.

“The new mask protocol is that everyone inside: students, coaches and visitors have to wear a mask at all times, and outside sports it’s recommended to wear them. With the exception of drinking and eating,” said Shawn Palmer, Rangeview’s Athletic Director and Boys Basketball coach.

This new protocol means that volleyball, basketball, wrestling, swimming, and gymnastics will all have to wear a mask. As for outdoor sports, masks are highly recommended but it’s up to the athletes or the coaches to decide.

“It’s to keep people safe. It doesn’t really get in the way but hopefully one day we can take them off  ‘cause they do get uncomfortable sometimes,” said volleyball player Briana Garcia.

Garcia’s thoughts were common for Raider athletes who hope everyone will be able to take them off soon as well as hoping that the number of cases will decrease and the number of vaccinated players will increase so athletes won’t have to wear any masks.

The current health order expires December 31, 2021.