Certified Lover Boy: A Review

A variety of pregnant emojis for Drakes new Album Cover. (Apple Music)

A variety of pregnant emojis for Drake’s new Album Cover. (Apple Music)

Hayley Thompson, AME Reporter

Drake is a well-known rapper from 2016 singing One Dance all over Musically, and since then has been creating more and more hits for over a decade. Even if he’s not someone’s favorite, a lot of people are familiar with him and some of the songs he has produced. Since his new album dropped on Friday, September 3rd, people cannot stop listening and talking about the album. 

Before the album even dropped, many people had a lot of mixed emotions about the album cover. 

“Drake’s new album cover is an infographic demonstrating why he shouldn’t be allowed within 800 feet of any schools,” said @beesmygod_ on Twitter. 

With the album being hyped up on every social media platform, the album cover could’ve been a lot better. 

One of the many Tik Tok’s using the sound “Champagne Poetry to show off their significant other. (@madzmichelerice on TikTok)

But with the cover aside, it’s about the music, not the visual display. When Olivia Rodrigo dropped her album, Sour, a lot of people dumped their significant other for a short amount of time, just to get in their feelings for the whole album.

Drake’s album is making people feel a similar way. With people receiving calls saying I miss you from their exes, or re-reading break-up texts, the album has people in the mood for heartbreak.

However, heartbreak isn’t the only thing this album makes people feel. With the first song on the album “Champagne Poetry.” The song starts off with the lyrics repeating “I love you.” Many people saw this as an opportunity to post their significant other to the song. The trend on TikTok and Twitter is very heartwarming and honestly makes some of the viewers feel a little lonely.  

The entire album itself is 1 hour and 26 minutes. The album features artists such as Lil Baby, JAY-Z, Travis Scott, and many more. 

On Apple Music, Drake describes the album as, “A combination of toxic masculinity and acceptance of truth which is inevitably heartbreaking.” This description is what brought up all the heartbreak feelings and texts from people’s exes.

If someone hasn’t listened to Certified Lover Boy, then they must be living under a rock. On Apple Music, it is under hits as the first album suggestion. 

Now that it’s been established that Drake’s new album is trending on Twitter and TikTok, is it trending in Rangeview High School? 

Drake’s album on Apple Music’s Top Hits. (Top Hits on Apple Music)

“It was good. I doubted that it’d be as good as old Drake, but it lived up to my expectations 100%, especially “Way 2 Sexy,” said sophomore Aiyana Fragoso. 

Obviously, everyone has different music tastes, so Drake’s album is bringing out different emotions and opinions with everyone. “I don’t really like Drake, he’s weird,” said Sophomore Jasmine Gallegos. 

Like previously mentioned, rap music isn’t for everyone. For me personally,  rap is definitely not my favorite genre, but this album might actually change things for me. I really enjoyed listening to the album, the best song was definitely Champagne Poetry. Out of 5 stars, it’s 100% a 4 out of 5.