Opinion: Marvel vs DC


Elijah Brown, Opinion Reporter

Who would win in a battle, Marvel or DC? The rivalry between Marvel and DC has been going on for nearly 60 years. Both have great superheroes who are very powerful, but the discussion of which side would win in a battle only involving the superheroes is never ending. 

A comic book series, named “DC vs Marvel,” published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics in 1996 was the closest we’ve gotten the two sides to fighting. There were fights between some of the characters like Superman vs. Hulk, Cap vs. Batman, Thor vs. Captain Marvel and more, but all of both sides we’re never involved. They left the readers to debate about which faction would win in a battle. There’s much controversy about this topic among anyone who knows of the two sides, so we will hear some opinions from a few Rangeview students.

The first Raider that I interviewed felt that Marvel would win because of the variety of characters. There’s many different, unique powers within the Marvel Universe. 

“Marvel would win because they have more interesting people and characters than DC,” said Senior Kiaorie Stewart. 

Marvel has characters who have powers that the average Marvel movie watching person would not know about, as they don’t use them all. It takes for you to go to the characters description to know every power they contain. 

Let’s take Hulk, for example, a hero that is known for transforming into ‘Hulk’ from his normal form, Bruce Banner, when he gets angry and smashes everything in front of him. We know that he’s very strong and can jump high. “The Hulk’s skin is nearly impenetrable and his lung capacity allows for long periods of submersion in water, exposure to many forms of gases, and even to temporary survival in the airless vacuum of outer space,” according to Marvel. Who knew that Hulk’s lungs were so strong? He has many other powers that not many people know about as well.

The second student that I interviewed felt that Marvel would also win because of the leadership that they have, as Marvel is better and more prepared than DC is on most occasions.

“Marvel because they have better leadership as they have Iron Man while DC has Batman and he isn’t as great of a leader,” said Senior Andrae Hazard. 

(The American Flag in Rangeview High School, in which Captain America stands for his patriotism.)

While Captain America is considered the ‘Captain,’ Iron Man suits that title more than he does. Iron man has more traits in leading a team and a higher level of intelligence. There’s few characters who contain a higher IQ than Iron Man in the Marvel Universe. Some things that Iron Man has invented include a gauntlet similar to Thanos’ gauntlet to snap his fingers, an arc reactor, and the Tesseract. His intellect leads him to guide the heroes to victory, but specifically, the Avengers. 

Don’t get me wrong, Batman has a high IQ as well as he’s one of the smartest DC characters. His intellect was the reason why he was able to kill Superman off in the movie Batman vs Superman. It is just that Batman is a lone wolf and prefers to handle things alone. Batman’s partner is Robin, but it takes more than just two with great communication between each other to fight off Marvel. DC would need a leader in order to prepare themselves as a team for the fight against Marvel as lone wolfing would not be very effective against such high intellect, strong heroes.

The last student that I interviewed agreed with the first two interviewees about Marvel taking the victory over DC heroes.

“Marvel would win because they have Gods,” said Senior Taveon Taylor. 

Some Marvel Gods are: Ares, Hercules, Loki, Zeus, Thor, and Venus. But Taylor is specifically talking about Thor. Thor is very powerful as he is able to summon lightning, rain, wind, and thunder. He got his powers from his father, Odin, the strongest among Asgardian Gods, and his mother, Frigga, a Goddess.

(Picture of all marvel gods in a comic.)

Taylor went to the comparison among two of the strongest hero’s on each side claiming that Thor would beat Superman. Thor has beat Superman as Superman has also beat Thor, but it will be a tough decision on who would win each time. In Thor’s base form, Superman would most likely win, but Thor in one of his powerful forms such as, Old King Phenix Thor, Rune King Thor, and The Heard of Galactus Thor, he would defeat Superman. Thor is also said to be able to beat Superman in his strongest form, Superman Prime.

Among the few Rangeview students that I interviewed, Marvel heroes would win in a battle because they have more interesting characters, better leadership, and they have Gods, or should we say better Gods than DC. People in favor of DC winning may have not enjoyed this. But the question still remains to anyone out there who agrees or disagrees with these students, who would win in the battle of heroes, Marvel or DC?