Athletes Traveling for The College Experience


Micah Dobson, Sports Writer

As sports roll’s around, Rangeview athletes/Rangeview students are having hard times finding colleges. They want to attend, there’s a lot of people in the college career center that want to go to a top school, which has been my experience visiting the college career center. There were Students there that wanted to pursue their dreams of being a superstar Athlete or being a doctor, for example, Daryn and Kunle. They have been working hard trying to become track athletes in college but it’s hard for them to find colleges they want to go to, or some Women in the college career center are doing SAT practice testing. Example: I saw a woman, her name was Ola and she got mad at the computer putting pressure on herself I’m like what’s going on over there. She literally got a 9/10 on her Test She legit got so mad at herself, Yelling and screaming I’m just like are you aiming to go to Harvard we don’t know if Ola wants to go to Harvard or not but, What i saw there i would have been chilling with a 9/10 and i highly know she is trying to go to a top school. Besides the point, our school needs to support Athletes getting into college and students as well. Overall a little over 7% of high school athletes/students don’t get the college experiences. What happens if the woman in the college career center is really aiming to go to Harvard, and she gets a full ride there but when she gets there it’s not what it seems. Students/athletes this goes for the athletes especially, they probably don’t want to be athletes like that they want to do something else do something different with their lives. I went to interview students around Rangeview to see how they feel about athletes/students traveling to get the college experience. Asking them questions should we protest about athletes/students going to the colleges, do we force them to let us get the experience?. As of today I got some interviews, it was pretty interesting what people had to say during their interview for sure there were the kind of things you would not expect. People actually want to protest our first interviewer, Daryn, who is a 4 by 400 meter relay champ.
Yeah Athletes/students should travel, to get the college experience especially the seniors but I feel like if we protest there’s going to be just violent with the teachers and students going around the school there students that will take that as a advantage “oh yeah” we can protest but half of them in this school is going to finish high school and never attend college there just going to protest just to protest there’s no reason”. “Most definitely, students and athletes should travel to get the college experience. We need that extra boost to go out and experience college. The protesting part would be fun to see how the people would react to It. If you don’t protest or do anything that’s going to benefit our school, especially the seniors, you don’t care about your future just like that but yeah back on topic we can protest just to see how it goes” Kunle expressed.

“Leland, we should immediately get into that situation, because some athletes may experience that I don’t want to do sports anymore. I just want to focus on getting to college without being an athlete. Just like me, I just want to do track for school but it’s not going to be my life, that’s not who i want to be. But there’s a college in mind that I want to go to but I haven’t gotten the experience. Our school needs to give students and athletes the opportunity to experience getting on a bus traveling to colleges during school hours. To see what we like or don’t like about the school but the bad part about the school. If they are not willing to do things that are really going to benefit us in general as a whole then what’s the point in finding colleges on some computers in college career centers? The seniors also need the experience, especially us.”

“James, I would like to go out and experience some colleges as a junior just to get the feel of it. It will help juniors as well as it will help the seniors because some juniors are working towards their dream college. I would like to know if I’m mentally prepared for college. I’m speaking for everyone else too During these times, but you know during these times we might not experience these types of things because of the covid cases where people are not fully vaccinated so the principal might not want the students/athletes going to colleges and half of us are not fully vaccinated.

“Bryce We can but we need to figure out where we are going to get the money from, To do these things as a unit, if we don’t have the money or really just have a support system, how are we going to do those Things, And the covid situation there’s just so many different situations. that’s affecting us to hop on the bus and drive down to different colleges to see what we want to do but I just hope we do hop on the bus. And we do those things but “yeah” we need to focus on the situation at hand. Instead of hoping to conclusion, Focus on just getting the money and everybody well “Bryce stated.”

Going around you heard from a few students, What do they want to do about this situation? What do y’all want to do about this with asking the whole school now should we protest or should we.