Top 5 Horror Movies to Kick Off this Halloween!


Landen Norman , News Reporter

Bored this Halloween without any movies to watch? If you answered yes to this question; this is the list for you, Happy Scaring! 

Halloween (1978) 

The first Michael Myers film came out in 1978; and since has released 12 films. It’s safe to say this movie series has been a classic scare for decades! (Stream on Roku, Shudder)


‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ By Tim Burton

Released in 1993; this classic kids-horror movie has been a great way to spend time with your family and friends for many years. (Stream on Disney+)


 It’ By Stephen King 

Based on his 1986 novel; the movie version has enlisted the highest amount grossed by any horror film. It’s now been adapted into a film series (2017 & 2019). (Stream on HBOmax)

 Get Out (Jordan Peele)

This movie since released in 2017 has grossed over $200 million in Box office revenue. This movie illustrates the love for horror films during these ´spooky months´. (Stream on FXNow)


Saw – (Film series)

The first film of the series was released in 2004 by Lionsgate; since then the 8 films have grossed over $1 Billion in total revenue; the latest being released in May of this year. (Stream on Peacock)