Monsters melt down vs Mon Stars in 123-115 loss

Pennywises technicals were costly in his teams difficult loss to the Mon Stars.

Pennywise’s technicals were costly in his teams difficult loss to the Mon Stars.

Micah Dobson, Sports Reporter

At the end of the West Hell Monsters meltdown in blowing a 26-point lead that led to an inexplicable 123-115 loss to a East Hades Mon Stars team that had entered the game winless, Pennywise lost his composure and was ejected from the game.

 In reality, though, this was a loss every Monster player has to share even though it was the second of back-to-back games. And all Chucky could do was watch from the bench because his sore left ankle had kept him out of a second consecutive game. 

But even Chucky had to be bewildered at what he was seeing from his teammates blowing a lead that had been 72-44 in the second quarter. 

Jason decided to give it a go despite having sore shoulders from well, you know. He played 36 minutes and had 24 points and 12 rebounds. 

“It’s really not going to phase me, a loss is a loss,” Jason said. “I’ll just find some morally questionable teenagers at a camp to work on my game, but we were up 41-19  And were supposed to win this one.” 

The game was essentially over for the monster’s when Mon Stars forward Candyman stole a Wicked Witch pass with 3.0 seconds left and Mon Stars up 120-115. But instead of running out the clock, Candyman raced in for a dunk with 1.5 seconds left for the fallen monsters to walk out. 

Pennywise took exception and exchanged words with Candyman. That earned Pennywise a technical foul, his second of the game, and an ejection. He had produced his first triple-double with the Monsters with 20 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists. But even that was muted because it became a quadruple-double with his 10 turnovers. 

Throwing in two technical fouls and getting tossed obviously wasn’t the kind of night Pennywise had envisioned upon his return to the city where he spent the first 11 years of his career. 

The fans had cheered Pennywise when he was introduced, but they booed him as he walked to the Monster’s locker room after being thrown out the game. With the entire Mon Stars starting five scoring in double figures and reserves doing the same, the Monsters didn’t have enough fight or firepower to match the 1-4 Mon Stars. 

Scream led the Mon Stars with 27 points and Candyman had 20. Despite their poor play in the second half that got the Monsters down by eight points in the fourth, they still had three opportunities to tie the score on three point attempts. 

Pennywise missed a three-point try with the Monsters trailing 118-115. The Mon Stars got the rebound, but were called for an eight-second violation giving the ball back to the monsters. 

After another Monster timeout with 17.7 seconds left, Micahel Myers, who started in place of chucky for the second straight game, shot an airball three pointer. But even then, the Mon Stars couldn’t close the game, turning the ball over. As the ball rolled toward him near the three-point arc, Teen Wolf also shot an airball with 5.7 seconds left. 

The Mon Stars will take on the Disney Princesses next in Orlando, while the Monsters head to Imaginationland for a matchup with the Strawberry Shortcakes in the Fantasy Basketball League.