Top 5 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2021


Preston Russell, News Reporter

Halloween is an incredibly fun holiday. The most exciting and traditional part of Halloween is dressing up as your favorite characters from your favorite shows. But, some people might be clueless as to what they are going to be wearing, which is why this is a list of the 5 most popular and relevant costumes this Halloween. 

 Squid Game Contestants and Guards

Squid Game had to be at number 1. It blew up in popularity in such a short amount of time and if you haven’t watched it, you’ve heard of it. The costumes are very simplistic, allowing it to be an “easy” costume for anyone who wants to wear it.

Any Anime Costume You Can Think Of

While anime had already been popular, it became incredibly popular over the past year or two. With shows like “Attack on Titan” being some of the bigger anime’s, most people will be able to pick out who you are attempting to look like.


Spider Man 

Spider-Man/Miles Morales is a perfect 3rd place spot. With Spider-Man’s new movie “No Way From Home” coming out soon and the popular Spider-Man games on Playstation, they are the perfect choices for Halloween. Especially since they are both classics. 


 Money Heist

Money Heist might not be the most popular idea for costumes but, with its new season just coming out last month, it’s very relevant right now. Not only that but, just like Squid Games, the costumes are very easy and can even be a group costume idea. 


Cruella de Vil 

While there may be plenty of other valid options for 5th place on the list, I think Cruella de Ville should be able to sneak her way onto it. Her new live-action movie came out earlier this year, causing her to become very relevant again and a perfect Halloween costume.