Top 5 Best Halloween Events in Colorado!


Laray Urstadt, News Reporter

Here are the Top 5 best Halloween places to go to in Colorado!

Nick’s Garden Center and Farm Market

It’s the best place to buy pumpkins and produce for the special Halloween night. It would even be great to take some spooky pictures. 

Terror In The Corn

It’s a frightful adventure finding your way through a corn maze surrounded by horrifying creatures and monsters. 

Haunted Field Of Screams

 The haunted field of Screams is Colorado’s largest attraction where terror grows every year.


13th Floor Haunted House

 You can experience the famous 13th Floor haunted house, one of Denver’s most popular Halloween events.


Zombie Crawl and Thriller Flash Mob

 Dress up as a zombie and have fun while scaring a few people along your way.