Crazy Eight Scariest Movies for your Holiday Weekend


Nataly Leon’s Crazy 8 Horror films for this Halloween Weekend. (Art by Nataly Leon.)

Nataly Leon, Staff Reporter

 Movies are some of the joys of life. They are enjoyable films with intense and funny meanings, but once it’s October, it’s time for horror movies. To be classified as a scary/horror movie, the movie needs to be thrilling with jumpscares and gory scenes so which are the top scariest movies? 

In last place it is “It”. This movie is based on a 1985 Stephen King novel and later made into a movie in 2017. There was a series originally, but the newest version is a blockbuster film. “It” is about a killer clown who comes back every 27 years. When he comes back, he usually attacks kids as his victims to feed on their fear. In the movie we are watching teenagers who are going after Pennywise; the clown for revenge and go through a series of events and end up meeting with him for a face off in a sewer. There are some scenes in this movie where you get scared by Pennywise’s serious and intense looks. One of the scenes that will make you feel disturbed is when Pennywise’s says, “Pop, Pop, Pop!” These looks make you look away or feel disturbed. This movie would get a 3.5/10 for how scary the movie is.


At 7th is Saw. The first movie of the series came out in 2004. The movie came out with many movies after and one remake. This movie starts with two people trapped in a room by a killer who is disguised as a doll, but his name is Jigsaw, who asks to play a game. Jigsaw’s main thing was he never directly kills his victims; he allows them to kill each other or themselves. The guys go through a series of clues fighting for their life and throughout the movie there are flashbacks of people who had already played the game. This movie has some gory scenes with some foreshadowing scares, but the movie doesn’t make you jumpy and you can predict what is going to happen. For scariness this movie would get a 5/10. 


Number 6 is Halloween. The original movie came out in 1978. Seven movies followed after the original and then remakes of the first and sequel. There were also recent remakes with the newest one that came out in 2021 of this month. Through the series of movies we follow a serial killer of the name Michael Myers. His first victim was his sister at the early age of 6. Michael Myers was locked away for his crimes for 15 years, but escaped going to his hometown where he killed his victims. Myers’ main look is having a white face mask that has no expressions. Halloween includes a few gory scenes of Michael Myers killing his victims with shots of how they die. The movie has some scenes where you have to close your eyes because the scenes are too detailed. “Halloween is scary because it’s an actual man who goes around killing people and the music makes the movie scarier and he never seems to die,” said RHS Sophomore Arianna Lovato. This movie is 6/10 for the scariness level. 

In 5th place is The Conjuring. This movie is based on a real story about a family who moved into a house in 1971 and their hauntings. This movie has 3 movies in the franchise with the first one coming out in 2013 and the most recent one coming out in 2021. The movie starts out with a family moving into a house that contains many paranormal activities. In the house, many paranormal activities occur and the people inside start experiencing random injuries. This curse was brought on to the family because of the curse that was made on anyone who lives in the house. This curse was made by the original owner. This movie is mainly made of jumpscares and scenes that are paranormal, watching this movie will make you feel as if you have hauntings in your house. This movie would get a 6.5/10 based on how scary it is. 

Fourth place is The Blair Witch Project. This movie came out in 1999; the movie style is a documentary making the movie feel more real. This movie is about an ongoing legend and some teenagers go and explore the forest where the legend takes place. The teens go missing leaving their footage and that’s what we watch through the movie. Watching this movie will make you feel unsettled with the movie being a videotape, it includes several jumpscare moments. This movie would get a 7/10.

At number 3 it’s Paranormal Activity.  The movie is a franchise with the first one coming out in 2007. This movie is about a couple who videotapes thenight in their house because many paranormal activities would occur. There are several occurrences where there are ghost activities. This movie has the style of watching a camera, making the movie scarier through the movie you get to see what happens through the night causing some questioning about the movie and some frightening scenes. This movie would get a 7 out of 10 for how scary it is. 

Second place is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie came out a while ago in 1974 and a remake in 2003. Both of the movies are scary. This movie is about a psychopathic killer named Leatherface. He kills several people with a chainsaw because the people happened to go into an abandoned house. This movie has a lot of gory scenes. Many of the scenes go into a lot of detail and there are so many scenes where it is disturbing to look. This movie would get an 8/10 for how intense and scary this movie is.

In first place it is The Exorcist. This movie came out in 1973 and was based on real events. The movie starts with mysterious activities happening to people like levitating or talking weirdly. The priest tries to perform an exorcism on the person which reveals something disturbing. The movie has many scenes that will make you unsure of it  if you can continue watching. It has a lot of scenes that are frightening because of the demonic scenes happening. This movie would get an 8.5/10 on how scary it is.