Broncos Miller Trade Necessary Move


Von Miller puts pressure on Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Bryce Perkins as he throws to Rams Tight End Brycen Hopkins. (Timothy A. Clary)

Jake Bonansinga, Sports Writer

Von Miller puts pressure on Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Bryce Perkins as he throws to Rams Tight End Brycen Hopkins. (Timothy A. Clary)At around 10:30 AM on Monday morning, the National Football League (NFL) news broke the hearts of all Colorado sports fans. “Von Miller traded,” the headline read, leaving many Broncos fans speechless. Confusion, anger, and sadness were just a few of the many feelings filling their minds. One question lingered: Why?

The trade was fairly simple. Broncos Outside Linebacker Von Miller was shipped off to the Los Angeles Rams. In return, the Donkeys got a 2022 second round draft pick and a 2022 third round draft pick. For anyone that doesn’t know how draft picks work, each year college players are selected in seven rounds by each team to play in the NFL. The worse a team performs, the higher the draft pick they receive and the better the player they can pick. So, in exchange for the former Super Bowl MVP, Denver got the Rams’ opportunities in the second and third round to select a player. In other words, the Broncos are taking the chance that they’ll draft a good player over a proven veteran presence in Von Miller, who leads the team in all time sacks.

Not only is Denver only getting two mid-round picks, they are retaining 9 million of Miller’s 9.7 million dollar contract. This means the Broncos are paying the Rams to take Von Miller. Contract-wise, Miller only has one year left, so it’s likely the thought process of the Broncos’ management is that they might as well get something in return for Miller before he walks away for free in the off-season. 

“I was upset at first, but I then realized that Von Miller is getting old and his contract is about to end, so it was a smart choice from the Broncos to trade him,” says Broncos fan and football fanatic Alec Chambers, “I also like him as a player enough to know that he will have a better, more successful season in LA.”

Even so, this puzzles most fans, as many thought he would retire as a Bronco, considering he is one of, if not the greatest, Broncos player of all time.

“I love Von [Miller] but I was expecting this trade. It’s just sad to see the face of the team be traded off after 10 years,” explains Rangeview junior Khiem Davison.

The decision by the Broncos’ front office has many fans questioning, “Why?” Before Monday’s news, many fans were calling for the Broncos’ head coach Vic Fangio to be fired or for the General Manager George Paton to trade for a franchise quarterback. Instead, these pleas were met with the questionable decision to trade the eight time pro-bowler. Maybe this was the Broncos accepting the tank to draft a quarterback, maybe it was the front office trying to get Miller a second ring, or maybe Paton genuinely thought it was a good move. Fans may never know. But, there is one commonality: everyone wishes Von all the best in Los Angeles.