Closed Campus in Effect Until Winter Break

Closed Campus in Effect Until Winter Break

Vivian Tran, Editor in Chief

In response to the rise in teen violence in the community, the district has implemented a closed campus that will be in place until winter break. Students will not be able to leave campus at all during the school day and parking lots will also be off limits. In addition to this, all students eating outside for lunch must be supervised and cannot walk past the 50 yard line of the football field. A statement sent out by Mrs. Grosz explains exactly what a closed campus will mean for students,


“As you are aware, recently, there has been a significant increase in youth violence in our community and, most recently, at or nearby two APS High Schools.  As a community, we are at a crossroads, and we have an opportunity to implement change and be a part of the solution to provide a safe environment for all Aurora Schools and the overall Aurora community.  We are asking our students to ‘be a part of this change’.  As you’ve heard many times from Ms. Grosz, if you see something or know something, say something to a trusted adult or anonymously report the information to the Safe2Tell line at 1-877-542-7233.  

As a result of the recent violence, Superintendent Rico Munn has implemented new safety procedures for all high schools to keep our students and staff safe.

Closed Campus from November 29th through December 17th.

  •   Closed campus means…
  • After arriving at school, Rangeview students will not be allowed to leave campus during the school day.  This includes students with Principal Passes.  Rangeview is a ‘closed campus’ from today until December 17th.  
  • Students with off periods may sit in the Commons or may study quietly in the Library.  We will check schedules and IDs in each space.  Students may not leave campus during off periods.  Students with 7th period off may leave campus for the day.
  • The exception to this is for students who have a class off campus such as Pickens Tech, ROTC, class at the Community College of Aurora, and students who have an appointment where a parent checks you out and picks you up from school to attend that appointment.
  • Students may not leave campus for lunch.  Lunch will be served by our Nutrition Services Department on campus daily.  This year, lunch is free for all students.
  • Students may eat in the Commons, near the double RRs just outside of the commons, or outside by the track if weather permits.  Students eating outside may sit at the tables on the North side of the building.  Students may also sit in the stadium bleachers, but may not walk past the 50 yard line of our football field.  Superintendent Munn has made it clear that all students outside at lunch must be supervised.  To do this, we will allow students to be outside, but near the building or in the stadium bleachers.
  • The front of the building is off limits during the lunch hours. 
  • Parking lots will be considered off limits and students may not go to their vehicles during the day without permission from the office.  
  • Winter-sport athletes and students involved in after-school activities with the 8th period ‘off-period’ must remain on campus in the Commons area. At the end of the day, students involved in after-school athletics and activities must go directly to their practice or activity. 
  • At dismissal you may exit the doors you usually go out of to leave school.  Students walking or riding bikes or skateboards home must leave campus immediately.  Students waiting for a ride home will have 20 minutes to leave campus.  Please make arrangements with your family and your rides home to be off campus no later than 3:45 p.m.  Students will not be allowed to hang out on campus after school.
  • Please know that there will be an increased Aurora Police presence and an increased Aurora Public School Safety Officer presence in and around Rangeview High School.


Superintendent Rico Munn, will maintain this protocol of a closed campus at all of our high schools until Winter Break.  He will determine at that time if we will continue with this protocol through the second semester and will share that information with you and your parents. 

Again, we challenge you to become a part of the change.  If you see something or know something, say something or anonymously report the information to the ‘Safe2Tell’ line at 1-877-542-7233.  

At Rangeview, our top priority will always be the safety, security, mental health, and overall well being of our students and staff.  In advance, thank you for your support in the implementation of the new safety procedures.”