Opinion: There’s More to Success other than College

There are many pathways after high school that lead to success, with or without a college degree or education. (People for Education)

There are many pathways after high school that lead to success, with or without a college degree or education. (People for Education)

Ulises Perez, Opinion Editor

College, the pathway many students take after high school to further their education. The idea that many teachers and staff encourage students to be a part of after graduating. But why is college marked as the only way to be successful after finishing high school?

College has its benefits, giving students degrees to work in higher paying careers and a more specialized education for careers in medicine or law, for example. The representation of college in high school has become well known within the student body, giving them help and information on how to enter adulthood when finishing school. But no other information is given out on ways to succeed without a college degree. 

According to UBTech, the state of Utah has provided information about “apprenticeships and other training programs that teach young people the skills they need for well-paying jobs — electrician, carpenter or auto mechanic, among scores of other occupations the country also needs — that don’t require a four-year college degree.” Providing many other options and opportunities to students as much as schools do with college gives students hope and a plan on how to succeed in the future.

The idea of college doesn’t necessarily fit everyone’s agenda after high school. 

“I feel like it’s a standard that has been very engraved to us since we entered high school but I feel like it’s also not very much true because there are many ways to be successful after high school that doesn’t include going to college afterwards,” said Senior Maria Longoria. 

Opening a business is one of the ways many people take to be successful without going to college. It gives them a source of income and be able to achieve their life goals. (Paralegal.edu)

There are many students whose plan isn’t to go to college after graduation. Many outside sources give help to those students on how to earn an income and be financially stable without a college degree. One of the pathways students take is opening their own business and becoming an entrepreneur.

It’s important to understand and acknowledge that college can’t be the only pathway to success. For the future of these kids and later generations, the school system should allow more access and information to different career paths, as well as providing outside sources.

“I think all of it is a matter of networking, knowing the right people and being prepared. Looking towards adults in and around your family, [and] your older coworkers. If we want pathways outside of school we have to look outside to find them,” said Senior Eliazah-Imari Dixon. 

Encouraging students to continue their education for a college degree or certificate is nice, but knowing that it’s not for everyone and not having other options is troubling. Students should be able to go to any adult about how to move forward without being told that college or the military is their only option.