Raider Review’s 2022 Wishes


Raider Review Staff

It hasn’t been an easy road for the class of 202X, but the Raider Review has higher hopes for 2022 and wanted to share their wishes for a great year. From finding love to meeting celebrities, we’re wishing dreams come true for Raiders everywhere.


To get a gf. Hmu 720-666-8144 😉

My wish for the upcoming year, 2022, is simple and straightforward. Get a girlfriend 😎. I will achieve my goal by strategic planning 😉. And my planning goes like this:

Step 1. Casual talking :D, befriend my crush, right? So simple and achievable. . . Hopefully.

Step 2. Pick up lines 😈. It’s a good way to make her smile and do some innocent flirting.

Step 3. Gifts :O. I’ll buy her a teddy bear 💝.

Step 4. Ask her out 😖. 

Step 5? Get married :O.

– Diego Cisneros


To Dunk a Basketball: David beat Goliath, people actually wear orange, and I want to dunk a basketball. Small handed and 6’1” writer Michael McKnight spent one year learning to dunk at age 42 and my 6’4” brother regularly dunked in his youth, so why can’t an out of shape 39 year-old with a lot of miles on his body do it? I’m listed at 5’11” (that means 5’10” because if you’re actually 5’11” you’d say 6’0”), have a rapidly deteriorating left leg, and couldn’t do more than snap the rim in my life, but a boy can dream. – SOBES


To Get Olivia Rodrigo Tickets: 2021 was Olivia Rodrigo’s year. If you’re like me, you most likely tried to buy tickets to the Sour World Tour, and failed. Rodrigo dominated my spotify wrapped, taking 4 of my top 5 songs. There’s nothing I want more than to scream the words to Traitor live and to cry to the album that was my heartbreak anthem of the year. All I want is tickets to one of the two Denver dates (and to hear All I Want live). Olivia, if you’re reading this, please give me tickets to one of your shows in 2022, I’m begging you. – Joslyn Bowman


To Meet a Wombat: 2022 might be the year of the tiger but for me, it’s going to be the year of the wombat. Wombats, known as a Wisdom in a group, are marsupials native to Australia. Their pouches face backwards in order to keep the babies from getting dirty (talk about practicality!). You might be thinking, “Wombats are just stubby, round, balls of fur.” However, they can actually run up to 25 mph when threatened. That’s almost as quick as Usain Bolt! Whether it’s a common wombat, a southern hairy-nosed, or a northern hairy-nosed, I will meet the creature who poops cubes. – Vivian Tran


To Go To Hawaii: Although 2021 wasn’t below zero I still wish I was in sunny Hawaii. With the chilly winds of Aurora, Colorado, I can barely feel my freezing fingertips as I walk into school. I’ve never been outside the country besides Mexico so it would be exciting to imagine  the warm, black sand in Punaluu, Hawaii. The bright blue waves crashed into my feet as the sun waves hit my face. What could possibly be better than that? Nothing. 🙂 Karen Hidalgo


To Play Guitar: For 2022, I need to focus on things that I want to do and the goals I have, instead of doing things that I don’t like. For me, this means starting to focus on being able to play guitar and even starting to learn how to sing by myself. I want to practice every day and create my own setlist of songs that I know off the top of my head, that people can sing along to, and that sound good acoustic. Then, I can play (and possibly sing) at any kind of event, especially in preparation for college. – Jake Bonansinga


To Meet Silk Sonic: “I deserve to be with somebody as fly as..ME!” I yell as I sit alone in my room on a Friday night. My mom barges in asking me why I am yelling so loud, to which I tell her, “Because it’s Silk Sonic!” Silk Sonic is a funk band created by Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. Silk Sonic is so much more than just a band, but a revelation. My wish is to meet them and ask them what their inspiration is for the song “777.” I want to see the artists who create such exciting music. -Lolita Angelcheva 


To Get my Nose Pierced: After turning 18, I sat with myself and stared in the mirror for an unhealthy period of time. Deep down I was looking at my reflection and reflecting on my past while thinking about the future that was coming. I was finally 18! I decided that was too deep and all I needed to do to solve all my problems was simple… a nose piercing. As 2022 rolls around the corner, I’m gonna stick my middle finger up at the man (not really my dad is scary) and hide my nose piercing. What’s the worst that could happen? – Sami Addi 


Meeting Harry Styles: When I was 8 years old, my favorite thing to do was to watch One Direction’s music videos, over and over again until I could recite every single song by heart. When the pandemic in 2020 hit, the only thing that kept me uplifted was listening to Harry Styles’s songs. Watching all the videos of his tour and him interacting with his fans is something I would love to accomplish next year. Being able to go see him live and ever speak to him would be a dream come true in 2022.  – Yebella Melaku


Get more clothes: Although I already have enough clothes, I still want more. Honestly, this is one of my 2022 wishes. #AmericanTeenageProblems? I love fashion, streetwear, sneakers, and switching up my style and the clothes I wear. One of my favorite fashion icons is Asap Rocky. He brings a new sense of style to the media; the clothes that he wears are so distinctive and eccentric. Some of the top clothing items that I want for the new year include yellow, red, and black Nike dunks, baggy jeans, polo sweat suits, more flannels, more graphic tees, hbcu gear, air jordan 1 retro high OG ‘hyper royal’, and a telfar bag (telfeezy). -Myles Chapman


Finish a Show – Finishing a show would be truly wonderful. Everytime I try to finish one, I get completely turned around. It truly is a troubling habit. Why must I have to wake up and follow my utmost ability to avoid spoilers for a show I haven’t even tried finishing? Why must I have to hear my friends talk about the shows I need to continue watching? Why this happens, I don’t know. I either completely forget about a show, start watching another show, or watch one episode every other week. I wish to finish shows. – Preston Russell


To Get a New Job:“New year, New me,” A phrase rooted in growth both personal and professional. For me, this phrase means a better job that is more connected to my future career. In 2020 I began working at a skating rink and ever since then I have stayed in the same place of comfort; knowing I am good at it because of all the time I have worked there. However, I have grown out of the minimum wage pay, inconvenient hours, and poor management. In the year 2022 I will continue to grow, starting by getting a new job. – Ciara Andrew 


To Graduate: The finish line at the end. The cheering of joy in the crowd. The final moment of our high school career: Graduation. Every teens’ goal is to finish strong and complete the final year of high school, to reach for the end and to graduate. 2022 will be the year I get rewarded for my hard work and dedication, and to give it all back to my parents for their inspiration and motivation. – Ulises Perez


Saving Money: Going into the new year, having a little money on the side can really help you out. Going into this year, people should put a little bit of money aside every time they get money, so that later on if they need it they can use it. Unfortunately, life happens, so you can use that money for emergencies; or if someone wanted to go to college they could start saving up for it. Or you can finally buy the new pair of Jordans you wanted, whatever your heart desires. This new year is about manifesting good things and money can definitely help. – Mikayla Turner 


I wish I was a little bit taller: Many people grow at different rates. Some people have their growth spurt in elementary to middle school, or even some people have it at the very latest, like the beginning of high school. But for me, I’ve been the same height since I was in 6th grade. By the end of 2022, I’m determined to grow my 5’1 self, to be 6’2. -Hayley Thompson


To increase my croc collection: Everyone knows that crocs are an easy go to when you’re feeling a bit lazy, so, among many other dreams, my main dream for 2022 is to increase my croc collection. Currently, I’m sitting at 6 pairs and my goal is to get a tie dye pair and a Christmas edition pair. I also want to get another random design and a solid color with the fur lining inside. But who knows, I might get more than that because my love for crocs runs that deep. – Mikayla Brown


APPLES TO ORANGES: An apple a day keeps the sadness away, not how it goes but it’s worth a shot when everyday’s the same dreadful cycle. At that point the only thing that goes right in those 24 hours, the slicing of that apple, the same apple that prevents you from having tears rolling down your cheeks drowning your pillow case. The apple that believes you can get through the day, but after 365 apples you start losing the crisp feeling of biting into what you thought the solution was. After 365 apples maybe you realize you’re more of an orange person. – Anise Gonzalez 


Raider Winter Sports: With the fall sports season coming to an end and none of the teams going to finals or even playoffs with no records being broken. There wasn’t a whole lot to write about and nothing really exciting for the Raiders to celebrate. Winter sports are looking pretty promising to bring some action back into Rangeview High school. With the boys team having a reputation to uphold, and girls being number eleven going into the 2021-2022 winter season. There should be some promising stories of wins and playoffs. -Avery Salas


Wish for better statement pieces: From soft shimmering silk to roughly crocheted lace and the want to make a statement. A better selection of simplistic layering pieces and “extra” ones are a must for a perfect wardrobe. As a teenager with no social events to go to, Aubry Vigil seems more interested in the way she appears to herself than to others. For Aubry, statement pieces help her feel like she’s better than everyone. “The statement pieces I have now need more work. I mean how can I fully express myself with that” Fortunately for Aubry that’s where all her Christmas money is going. Aubry Vigil  


Wish to be mentally stable and get back into painting: We’ve all been stressed out of our minds by school, grades, even home life. Sometimes it’s so much that we start crying making our heads hurt even more, and don’t lie and say that you haven’t because we all know you had. Mental health is important and you need to take care of yourself before taking care of someone or something else. Take time to do what you want, I am going to focus on painting more because I gave up on myself but this time it won’t be for anyone else but myself and my happiness. – Jenelle Moreno Fernandez


Wishing to lose my voice at concerts: With their visuals mixed with their music and personality, meeting Enhypen members, -Park Sunghoon, Jungwon, Ni-ki, Sunoo, Heesung, Jay, and Jake- would be really cool. Even after their early debut in 2020, they have already grown incredibly in popularity. Just watching their concerts online is a thrill because of their talent and constant energy, but experiencing one firsthand is another level of excitement.  My favorite song to hear them perform would be Fever they released on their second EP: Border: Carnival. If I had to choose which member to personally meet, it would be between Sunoo or Ni-ki. So going into the new year, meeting and or going to a concert would be my only Christmas present if I had the choice. – Sariah Williams


Traveling has so many emotions that go into it. Having to plan out a whole trip, then having to go on the trip and return safely. Being stress free while also trying to have fun. Traveling can be a lot, but the outcome of the trip is the best. I’ve traveled a lot in 2021 but this upcoming year of 2022, I want to travel a lot more. I would like to be able to go on at least one trip every month by the end of 2022. The ultimate goal is to visit every state. -Rayray West


Not fail my driver’s test, break my neck: I have failed my drivers test over 140 times, And it was doofenshmirtz birthday party in a few hours. Everybody at the party had cars, I was not going to be the only one there without a car so I had decided to take my mom’s Hooptie out of the garage. Engine was sounding a little rough, But you know the hooptie is going to get up to this party. It was dark outside and the lights weren’t working while I’m on the open road. Next thing I know I hit a buffalo on the road and broke my neck. -Micah Dobson


Get a Camero: I’ve set a big goal for myself by the time 2022 hits. My ultimate goal is to finally buy my dream car – an all black 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS. I’ve wanted this since I was 11 years old. I remember telling my dad about my hopes and he told me I better start saving.  By the end of 8th grade I started to save every $100 I made. Since then, I wouldn’t spend any of my cash that added up to $100 and because of that I will officially be able to buy a 2016 Camaro SS by summer 2022. -Shallie Cantero


Getting a License: I need to get a license because I hate asking people to take me places. If I had one I wouldn’t have to be as dependent on anybody, I’d be making money, going places, ect. I could take myself to school, to games, to work. The only way I see myself being successful or anything like it is through being self-sufficient and reliant; I can’t really be any of this without at least a license. -Landon Norman


Get a car: Next year, there are many things I want and many things that are just wishes, but something I do want is a car. The type of car doesn’t matter, it just has to be a car. Having a car will be useful as I will be able to go anywhere at any time. It will take me a while to earn enough money, but if I’m convincing enough, I will be able to convince my parents to buy me one for my 16th birthday, which is coming up soon. -Nataly Leon