Klay Thompson Return


The Rangeview basketball team prepares for a shortened basketball season. (via FOX 31 Denver)

Ray Ray West, Sports Writer

The 2021-2022 NBA season has made its debut this year. Klay was out for almost 1000 days and on Sunday, January 9, 2022, Klay took his seat and scored 17 points in just twenty minutes of play time. Klay was out due to a torn ACL in the left knee, which later turned into a torn achillea in November of 2020.
Klay made seven shots, with three of them being behind the three point line. Klays return surprised the world. The night was emotional and exciting for a lot of the Warriors fans. Genesis Sweetwine, 12, is a big Warrior fan. She has been a fan since she was six years old and when Klay went into injury protocol she was heart broken. She says, “Klay Thompson coming back after about 2 and a half years of not playing was really exciting. It was also inspiring because you wouldn’t expect people his age to really bounce back from two different injuries the way he did. I would expect someone his age to just decide to retire after having major injuries like that because the recovery and rehab may be too much, or they don’t feel as though they’ll be themselves when they return. But Klay was confident and believed in himself, and a lot of others had faith in him as well.” Thompson has inspired so many players who may be suffering or dealing with some of the same injuries he dealt with. With that being said, Rangeview would like to say welcome back Klay.