I Caught COVID


Lolita Angelcheva, News Editor


I got COVID. Now, this doesn’t sound like something extreme because the pandemic has taken over the entire world and a lot of people have contracted the virus. The thing is, I did not think it was going to happen to me. I had fully supported the fight against the virus by wearing my mask and getting vaccinated. However, as time went on, I had gotten a little “sloppy” by not appropriately wearing my mask in public places and not taking the pandemic as seriously as it is.

About 18 days into the new year, I had started feeling symptoms. I was exposed by multiple students and teachers, and I was developing a sore throat. This caused me to panic a bit, going into a spiral of trying to find a proper test and resources to make sure that I can put this to rest. It was a scary thought to believe that I had had COVID, seeming that I made it two years without contracting the virus. COVID hit me like a full speed train though. For the first two days, I couldn’t even get out of bed and had to use a cane to get around. I couldn’t eat because my throat was so sore and swelled, and my entire body ached for hours on end. I would cough up all of the medicine I tried to take, it became exhausting  trying to swallow the pills. I had a raging headache from sunrise to sunset, and my body radiated heat no matter how I tried to adjust. I was in so much constant pain, and it was never ending. 

During the pandemic, I had gotten a job and was around people constantly. I was surprised when months had passed and I still was not sick. However, the difference between then and now is that I was wearing my mask properly and surrounding myself only with people that I knew closely. I was only around my family and close friends, people that I knew were not around anyone with the virus. I washed my hands, even wore double masks at times, and I tried to stay safe. This is how I stayed safe during the peak of the pandemic. 

 In 2021, life had started to open up more. Vaccines were rolling out, and I was able to actually go out to public places. It was an exciting time after such a grim period. However, I was still staying safe and masking up. I made sure people around me wore masks, and I urged everyone to get vaccinated. 

Then fall came around and school started. I was so excited to be back, surrounded by people like normal times. I had still not contracted the virus, and this had caused me to be a little more lenient with the pandemic. I started to take my mask down from my mouth and nose, and I didn’t really care as much anymore. A part of me was so tired of having to wear the mask everywhere else in my life, and all I wanted was some normality. 

I tested positive on January 20. When I opened the online portal, I was expecting to see a positive result. I was feeling sick and was advised to quarantine, so there was really no surprise when I saw the green confirmation dot on my phone screen. Even though I expected this,  I was still in a bit of shock still. Seeing my name and then seeing the results, it all hit me at once. Knowing that this was all done by my own fault, it made me think about all of my decisions. Every single time I pulled my mask down, ignored unmasked people around me, and simply not cared overall,had rushed into my mind. I felt stupid. 

However, it all got 100 times worse. My little brother, who I essentially live to protect, tested positive a couple days after me. Then, my mother developed a cough and sore throat. My whole family was sick, and it was all because of me. When I saw the results, I went to my room and broke down in tears. I was so scared, overthinking every possible outcome to their pain. I was so hurt knowing that they were sick and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. 

This virus is absolutely no joke. I had heard all types of stories and rumors, saying that this pandemic is fake, it’s a way for the millionaires to make their funds, which they will use to escape to their private islands. The vaccine has a tracker in it, and this is all a ploy from the government. However, none of this is fake. This is a deadly virus that has already taken the lives of millions, and it will not stop anytime soon. 

If you are reading this, please get vaccinated and wear your masks properly. There is a way for all of this to end, and it will only happen if people actually care about their surroundings. For us to get back to our normal lives, we have to take their valuable steps to make sure that we can all be safe.