The SAT Will Go Digital in 2024



Joslyn Bowman, Editor-in-Chief

The College Board announced on Tuesday, January 25th, that the SAT will be going digital in 2024. Along with this, the length of the test will be shortened from three hours to two hours

The relevance of both the SAT and the ACT have been questioned by many. In 2022 alone, over 1,800 schools went test-optional, even after in-person testing resumed.

With this new announcement, students will be able to go to testing centers to take the test digitally on a computer or a tablet. Apart from digitizing and shortening the entire exam, the “Math no calculator” section will be completely removed, and the reading passages will be shortened.

The College Board’s vice president of college readiness released a statement saying that “they want the changes to make the test more relevant.”

“I’d rather it be completely taken away.” says Senior Ola Folarin, “Just because it’s being shortened doesn’t mean that students feel less defined by it.”

The College Board has responded to criticism of the test, as they believe the test serves to strengthen the applications of good test-takers. This comes just one year after SAT subject tests and essay questions were removed entirely. 

The SAT will remain the same in America until 2024, while other countries may change their formatting as soon as 2023.