Opinion: King Soopers Harassment (Pre-restraining order)


King Soopers workers striking. (Colorado Newsline)

Elijah Brown, Opinion Reporter

     “Shame on you,” the angry King Soopers’ workers yelled as people entered the grocery store. If not all, most customers who’ve gone into King Soopers recently have been insulted or told offensive things by the workers. King Soopers is currently on strike, which is the reason for such animosity towards the customers. The workers feel the need to strike due to unfair labor practices. As they are protesting for themselves against King Soopers, they are also targeting customers who still shop there in a time such as this. It’s not right for them to do that as people are still in need of groceries, and lots of people acquire those from King Soopers.                                                  

     Okay, you feel that you don’t get paid enough for how much you do, well find another job. How many times did you go to King Soopers when you were younger because your parents or you shop there yourself? Plenty of times so when wanting to work there you know that it is a busy store and will need people who can work hard consistently. Adding on the fact that it is a grocery store should lead you to the fact that you’re not going to get paid 50 dollars an hour. Concluding this will make you understand that working at King Soopers will be a lot of work for not enough pay.

(Denver Post)

     “When I went there they booed me before I could enter the doors so I left and went to Safeway,” said Andre Hazard. The workers’ actions of insulting customers is not doing much besides making King Soopers’ lose customers and money. It may seem like an easy solution to go to another grocery store, but that can only work for so long. 

     Let’s say all King Soopers customers start to shop at stores like Walmart, Safeway, or Sam’s club. That’s millions of people added on to the millions that already shop at those stores. This then will make those stores need more hard-working workers and more supplies to keep up with how many people are shopping there. Those stores’ workers will then feel the same way as the King Soopers’ workers feel right now and have a chance of reacting the same as well. This will push us to be in a major shortage of foods as we already are in due to covid.